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  1. eiregti

    WTD: This thing!

    Guys, I'm after a small bit if any of you have some old knackered K11 clocks kicking about. Might be a big ask but only reason for wanting this part is to buy an entire tacho unit into Ireland would cost too much. I've checked every scrappy in a 50 mile radius if they have one to no...
  2. eiregti

    Difficult to change gear

    Okay so another issue I've had since purchasing my march is the gear selection. Whether it be hot or cold the car is incredibly difficult to get into gear whether it be moving or from stopped. I've adjusted the clutch in and out to see if it alters the difficulty and it doesn't. I've done it...
  3. eiregti

    WTD: few small bits

    How ye lads, bought a march that was in desperate need of TLC, didn't realise exactly how much until I got home. Need a few small odds and ends to get me started for cheapish money or even for postage costs if ye would be so kind. On a tight budget being a student and want to get this March...
  4. eiregti

    Coolant Issue

    So tonight I picked up my K11 and when pulled in about 10 mins after departing I noticed the coolant gauge hadn't moved an inch. So whilst pulled in I was on the phone to a friend when I noticed the fan hadn't engaged after about 10 - 15 mins and then some steam started to come from the...
  5. eiregti

    Bushing material alternative

    Hey guys, Being a bit of a tight arse in general you can imagine my reaction why I noticed the prices for poly bush prices for my ep80 starlet (fully aware this is a Micra club but to be honest a lot of you seem to have a lot more knowledge, not to mention you can appreciate the DIY attitude a...
  6. eiregti

    K11 Lower Arm front bushings

    Just wondering if anyone is able to tell me the dimensions of the front, round bushings on the K11 Lower Arm? Specifically the polyurethane equivalent Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk