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    Magnex universal backbox at 99p starting price

    You need to be an official member to sell on the MSC...
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    Sub + amp packages this is the second one wont work for some reason but its an alipine one with a blue stripe on the box
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    Sub + amp packages

    this or this
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    Help with wiring front door speakers on clio mk2

    what do i use to crimp the spade connectors with can anyone tell me what sort of crimps i need preferbly off here
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    Help with wiring front door speakers on clio mk2

    Alpine SXE-1325S Just bought them and they wont fit on the connectors i have on my clio 02 reg please help this is the connector on the speaker this is the connector my clio has...
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    Got rid of the old micra now

    personally i feel a lot better in the clio than the micra, safer, better to drive and it has the extras
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    Paintwork scrathes

    Got a fair few mainly minor but some deep ones. Does anyone know of any good companys that can remove the scrathes in the North west region
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    Got rid of the old micra now

    Traded the micra in got 350 for it and bought a clio extreme nice little car Does anyone know of a clio forum as i could do with some advice for a few faults that came...
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    Fuel savers

    Are they any good has anyone tried them,and theres a few out there which is best if anyone knows
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    What amplifier would do me for this sub Im buying a sub off a mate exactly the same as this one what amplifier would i need spec and that as you can tell i dont have a clue.
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    how to wire sub and amp

    ok ive got the blue wire going into the head unit, now where does the other end go. and finally where does both ends of the lead with the jack plugs go, also what wire upto the sub thanks
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    how to wire sub and amp

    ok ive got the red wire running from the amp to the positive on the battery and the black wire on a screw to the amp but yet im still not getting any power to the amp, and im not so sure what to do with the blue wire
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    how to wire sub and amp

    how do i fit a sub and amp to my stereo. i have a bronze wire with 2 jack plugs on each end, thick red wire, thin blue wire, thick black wire. this is what ive been given, i do not have a clue
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    My windows come off

    cheers for the help but what bonding solution would i be best to use
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    Cheap wheel trims

    anyone know where i can buy cheap wheel trims
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    My windows come off

    i do'nt have a haynes book
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    My windows come off

    My window came off the ova day and went inside the door. I took the side panel off and got the window back up but i cant it back on wot its sposed to go on. There a thing that come up with a slot in but theres only one. i dont know if thats right as i dont know a lot about cars. please help
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    Door panels

    How do i get them off i cant seem to do it as i have dropped my window panel in the door and cant get it back up
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    sexy micra?

    slightly crap