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  1. fooby

    Brake Lights Not Working

    I'm having an issue with my brake lights. I've checked the fuse and the bulbs, all fine. I'm assuming it's not the switch as the brake bar still lights up, just not the left and right lights. Any ideas? The fuse I checked was the stop lamp fuse near the steering wheel.
  2. fooby

    Flasher Unit?

    Yesterday my indicators stopped working. I pulled the fuse, it was fine, after putting it back they worked for about ten minutes and then stopped. I located the flasher unit and when I turn the indicators on I can hear it kick into life, but it doesn't click and the bulbs don't light up. Is this...
  3. fooby

    Rocket Cover Gasket

    I'm going to paint my cam cover soon so I'll put a new gasket in at the same time. Problem is, on my last K11 I discovered that there's more than one version for the CG10 which is weird. Anybody know which one fits a UK registered MY02 K11?
  4. fooby

    CVT Chirping Noise

    Hopefully there's some knowledge around the CVT's here! Since the weather has been warmer, I've noticed my CVT has started to chirp at me when warm. 2002 2nd facelift with the updated box. It only happens when in drive with the brakes on, for example waiting at a traffic light and when the...
  5. fooby

    2nd Facelift Foglight Stalk

    Anybody know if a foglight stalk is available for the second facelift with the new gen stalks? They're the same as the K12 stalks as far as I can tell. If not, can the old style ones be retrofitted? How about those actually from a K12? I guess another option is to just somehow wire the fogs to...
  6. fooby

    Jenny the 2002 K11 CVT 1.0

    After the spring cradle decided to snap clean off my Honda Jazz axle writing it off, for the third time in my life I picked up a Micra. Always loved how Micra's are the standard car when people are low on cash and need something they can rely on. Last time I bought a K11 I looked at four before...
  7. fooby

    Blower Motor Resistor Card

    My blower only works on full power. Anybody know if the ones for a fiver on eBay do the job or is it worth the £35 for the genuine part?
  8. fooby

    1.0 Automatic Stiff Throttle Pedal

    I'm back on here after a number of years, just picked up A COMPLETELY rust free 2002 Micra S 1.0 Auto. It's perfect apart from the throttle pedal. It's really stiff which makes it hard to control and tires your leg out after a few hours on the road. Think of driving a sports car with a fairly...
  9. fooby

    Wheel Fitment - Will any 4x100 Pattern Fit?

    So I've just diagnosed a bad speed wobble to be a belt in my rear left tyre letting go, leading to a scary bulge on the tread itself. I'm reluctant to get new tyres as the steels are horrible and pretty rusty, so I'm looking in my area for a set of cheap alloys with decent tyres. I don't know...
  10. fooby

    2nd Facelift Drive Belt

    So we've had this discussion before, and established that unlike the service manual and most people seem to think, the second facelift or at least a good number of them have no tensioning idler for the PAS / Water Pump belt. I think I've found the adjuster bolt on the PAS pump, but there is no...
  11. fooby

    Common MOT failures?

    My K11 is due its first MOT with me as its owner next week. What are the common failings that I should check? So far I've found a split CV boot and an outer track rod end needs replacing which I believe would both be failures. I do have a small leak in my back box, would this usually pass...
  12. fooby

    Has anyone snailed a CG10DE coilpack engine?

    I haven't seen one anywhere. It's a long way down the road in my mechanical self education, but I'd love to turbo my K11. Doesn't seem like it's as easy as just swapping in a CG13DE and going from there due to the coilpack / distributor difference and ECU problems. Got me thinking, would this...
  13. fooby

    WANTED: Primera GTI 15" Alloys

    I'm on the lookout for Primera GTI 15" Alloys if anyone has any going. Looking at previous sales on here, I'd like to pay no more than £40 without tyres or £80 with. These are the wheels in question:
  14. fooby

    Heater Blowers

    Are K11 heater blowers terrible generally, or do I have an issue to look into? The demisters work okay, but if you want to blast air onto your person, even on full power there's not much air coming out. Is this just a Micra thing?
  15. fooby

    Hex Bolts for Rocker Cover?

    Can anyone point me to the hex bolts people are using instead of the terrible Phillips head screws that hold the rocker cover on? I've been searching but to no avail, everyone with a painted cover seems to have changed them and after half an hour of swearing and nearly rounding every screw, I...
  16. fooby

    My Blue Turd - K11 Sport

    Thought I'd start a progress thread for my new acquisition! I picked up a blue K11 Sport on Monday with the CG10DE for a grand total of £525! My previous car was a Subaru Outback 2.5 and due to recent unemployment, I wanted something to replace it that's super easy to work on, parts cost...
  17. fooby

    Buying a K11 on Monday

    So I'm hoping to buy a blue K11 Sport on Monday with the CG10DE. My current car is a Subaru Outback 2.5 and due to recent unemployment, I want something to replace it that's super easy to work on, parts cost nothing and I'm not constantly worrying about being financially screwed if anything goes...