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  1. JoshGriggs

    Removable interior question

    Does anybody know if the colour coded plastic that rust from passenger side above the controls and under the steering wheel around the drivers side heater can be removed and painted black? It's so ugly looking [emoji26] Thanks Sent from my
  2. JoshGriggs

    Headlight ceramic connectors - any help?

    Hey boys and girls these arrived today... Not the bulb but the connector anyway I'm just wondering if it looks like it fits? Seems really tight to me being a new connector and reluctant to push on the metal pins anymore than I have... Is there enough connection there for it to work? Also...
  3. JoshGriggs

    Bumper and wing (2001)

    as title says, looking for a second facelift front bumper and drivers side wing in any colour as i will have them colour coded at some point.. thanks in advance, must be close to wiltshire or able to courier.. Thanks :D
  4. JoshGriggs

    My K11 Activ 1.4

    Hey, as some of you may have known ive been asking for lots of advice on fixing up my car.. So i thought it was about time started a blog for it, but first the back story. Someone i know had this stuck in their garage because they did not want to be seen in it after they had a 'few small dings'...
  5. JoshGriggs

    Has anyone done second FL to first FL conversion?

    just wondering, as title says. Prefer the facelift rear bumper, tailights, front bumper and everything about them mainly.. need new bumpers anyway and would like to change the rear and front to facelift along with a spoiler and backbox.. anyone got any idea if it will fit? Thanks in advance...
  6. JoshGriggs

    Si styling 1.4?

    I really really like the si styling but I can only seem to find one in a 1.0 50hp lawnmower engine which would be a big step down from my current 1.4 k11 [emoji23] Is there anyway I can get the first facelift 1.4 and make it like an si or is there an si 1.4 I can't find? I just like the cutout...
  7. JoshGriggs

    Wanted: 2nd FL Front bumper + driver side front quarter BW3 grey or any colour

    As title says, desperate for them.. I'm in Wiltshire so for the right price can collect :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. JoshGriggs

    Advice on breaking or selling k11 1.4

    Hey guys, I may soon be getting a pre facelift 1.3 16v if luck goes my way so will no longer need my 1.4 facelift.. Those who seen my post know it's very battered but I don't want to scrap it as its mechanically sound.. I'm just sparking interest but nothing for defo yet but would someone like...
  9. JoshGriggs

    Wanted: K11 3dr 1.4 16v

    Hi all, looking for a new k11 that will have some potential, looking for any trim really.. but my current engine (1.4 16v) is a beast and i dont wanna lose the power so i would prefer that engine again would settle for 1.3 though for the right price. let me know if anyone is selling up :) thanks.
  10. JoshGriggs

    Nicest second facelift trim?

    Whats the nicest looking trim? i have an activ and the trim is all green and sickly coloured. I want to get a 3dr micra and make it a bit more sporty as making a bright green 5 door micra with scratches galore look good is going to be an expensive task :laugh: Anyone any suggestions? Thank guys...
  11. JoshGriggs

    JAE 2013 Pic, what alloys are these?

    HELPPP Second car along, next to @MicraPRO with the white alloys. what are the Rims? Boy they are gorgeous and they have been bugging me all day :L Thanks people. oh and p.s whoever owns the car its lush, yours too @MicraPRO :) In fact they all are i just dont know names ;P
  12. JoshGriggs

    Anyone know a good UK to UK courier for car parts? Or a relay possibly?

    Hey guys, looking to get a front bumper, front wing and spoiler from Durham to near bath, any ideas guys :p Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. JoshGriggs

    Wanted: 2nd Facelift bumper + Driver front arch

    As title says, any colour but if anyone has a tornado grey one, that would be perfect right now. thanks. Josh.
  14. JoshGriggs

    What bumper is this?

    I seen this and I want to call it a super s one but I know I'm probably wrong and would it fit a second facelift and look good?:p Look at this on eBay: NISSAN MICRA K11 98>00 FRONT BUMPER BLACK PRIMED NEW Sent from my iPhone...
  15. JoshGriggs

    Alright hear me out, stickers. and straight facelift exhausts.

    So yeah, i was thinking.. since sourcing the front bumper and drivers arch in my colour seems to be an impossible task.. how many people have sticker bombed entire panels? and what are thoughts? it looks slightly tacky i believe but not as bad as having random coloured panels on my k11 i dont...
  16. JoshGriggs

    Anyone near wiltshire?

    Title says it all really ;P
  17. JoshGriggs

    Do I scrap it or fix it? K11 2001 Activ

    Ok, I've given up making endless threads to try and find parts I'm never going to find so I'll just have to keep an eye open for them around local scrappies (front bumper and drivers front quarter) Anyway, in the meantime I have a few aesthetic problems I want to fix up.. I seen a thread...
  18. JoshGriggs

    Anyone help with parts please? desperate :(

    Hey guys, have not posted in a while but was previously trying to find a new front bumper for my k11 activ, its a really hard colour to find it turns out but the bumper looks awful, could also do with a new front drivers quarter panel too, the last owner battered the car and its a shame as i...
  19. JoshGriggs

    Audio Wiring Question/Help please ;)

    Sorry i have a lot of questions haha just took my head unit out to find this behind it.. I have a 2001 nissan micra k11 activ 1.4 16v if you need to know for wiring or anything i have next to no clue as this is my first car, why are these two cables cut and what is it making me miss out on...
  20. JoshGriggs

    K11 Aerial Fix Help

    Hey guys, ordered a bee sting aerial after seeing mine needed replacing only to find the this one doesnt unscrew like i thought it would.. or maybe it does and im being stupid. good thing they are only cheap haha can anyone help how to get this off and replaced?