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  1. Joshb

    Bolt on arches

    Hi there everybody, sorry if this is in the wrong place... I have bought some minilites 13x7, which came with part worn Bridgestone potenzas. But the problem is they stick out quite far as they aren’t the right offset and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or pictures of their own cars to...
  2. Joshb

    Repainted and refurbed steels

    Back again with another little update, I noticed my steels where a little ugly and tattered, so I popped down to Halfords and and bought myself some hammerite silver spray to make them look new and fresh :D So I got some hammerite silver: Some sandpaper: And a wire brush: Right, so...
  3. Joshb

    13/14x7 wheels

    Hey there everyone, I’m looking for some banded steels/ other wheels for my k11, I’ve got the stock wheels on at the moment and would love to buy some banded steels or some other type of wheels in this size. If anyone is selling anything like this, or knows of anyone selling anything please do...
  4. Joshb

    MOMO Wheel + Boss Hub Kit [emoji4]

    Time to get posting again, I’m still new to posting a thread about my car so I am struggling to find things to say... anyways the first thing I just had to get rid of was that huge bus steering wheel, I got tired of slapping my knees getting in >:( I got a wicked deal on a 300mm MOMO team...
  5. Joshb

    K11 micra project build

    This is my first k11 micra and my first time using MSC to actually post... I’ve been on here for a while, just looking at other peoples great builds and really getting to know the k11, and now I’m finally lucky enough to have one. It’s a silver 1L manual, k reg , 3 door pre facelift with just...
  6. Joshb

    New micra

    I have just purchased my first Nissan micra for £200, it runs in my family to own a Nissan micra, my dad owned one and I’ve always wanted one since I had grown up with micras in the household. The micra is a completely stock 1 litre manual, has 59,000 miles and has a little rust under the rear...