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  1. northerner

    K13 CVT fault no drive OBD P0846 P0848 Fixed 👍🏻

    Hi, just wanted to post a quick threat about the CVT issues I’ve been having. 2012 model 45K bought as a slight damaged model. Minor panel damage to the Left front wing and I mean minor. Anyways, I got it cheap due to the damage. New wing fitted but the CVT would only move in R but not D or L...
  2. northerner

    Not charging Battery going flat K12 1.2 2003 Alternator wires!

    Just thought I would share a problem I had with the battery not being charged and going flat on my K12. I've been puzzling for two weeks now trying to fathom out why my battery has been going flat. It started out as the car just about starting to the dreaded click click even after a run. I...
  3. northerner

    Oil consumption 2004 Micra K12 cr12

    Nearly 2k miles after doing the timing chain, recently I have noticed that around 3L of oil have been used mainly on an 800 mile trip mostly on motorways. All the usual have been checked, ie No oil leaks, compression is spot on as per the book and the plugs are the usual brown no signs of oil...
  4. northerner

    K12 front brake fitting Torx screws for discs

    Got some Genuine discs and pads on ebay from Chorley Nissan so I thought I would fit them today. It wasnt long before I ran issues. The two Torx screws that held on one of the discs were solid. Probably as they havent been off the car since it was built (53 plate with 31k). Anyways the torx...
  5. northerner

    Ngk platinum plugs

    Anyone need a set for their K13 or Note as was sent a wrong set for my K12. They are plzkar6a-11 plugs set of four £18 inc post
  6. northerner

    53 K13 auto 1.2 Cut out Non start, + battery terminal fusable links corroded

    Just thought I would post up an issue that happened with the micra this morning. The wife was on way to work luckily not far from the house when the car cut out at 20 mph and basically was dead. No lights on the dash etc. Gave the symptom of a flat battery but this was not the case. Had to...
  7. northerner

    Do 08 plates Nissan Note Alloys fit K12 ?

    I believe they are the same stus pattern but want to check the offset? Want to upgrade from my Steelie. Thanks
  8. northerner

    Can anyone give me my radio code please ? after timing chain job

    BP33496381630 anyone help me out? Regards
  9. northerner

    03 K12 1.2 auto Air bag light flashing after timing chain change.

    I disconnected the battery and air bag sensor on the slam panel during the change. Any ideas on resetting it????
  10. northerner

    Inlet pulley marks when installing timing chain

    Just installed a new Genuine timing chain kit including a new inlet pulley which was already setup on the Left mark as you look at it (advanced). Installed the chain noting the three marks as per the FSM and turned it all by hand checking all was well and noticed that the inlet pulley has now...
  11. northerner

    K12 04 1.2 auto Non start engine light on

    Hi just registered and need a bit of help. Just bought a cheap Micra and need to know if there is anyway of reading the fault codes without using Consult-II ? I am mechanically minded and have worked on all manner of Datsuns/Nissans Pre consult. It had a small rear ender that requires only...