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    Turboing a CGA3 Micra

    Hi all'! I was thinking about a future project of mine, a Micra CGA3DE + T. Now, what I Will need for the best increases? These are my Ideas: - turbo - exhaust manifold - intercooler and air tube feed - new ecu - bigger injectors - tube for oil feed What kind of turbo shall I use? And...
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    Rear axle disc - k11

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a rear axle disc for my micra, if someone has one spare or on sell, write me! I'll need a post to Italy! Sent from my SM-G925F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Qg18 throttle body and fuel rail on a CGA3

    Hi everybody, I was thinking about replacing my stock t/b with a qg18 one. It Will directly fit? If not, which modifications I have to do? I Think qg18 Maf can communicate with stock CGA3, but other sensors? I have qg18 fuel injectors with rail, can it fit directly on cga, with a aftermarket...
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    Hi everybody! I'm from Italy! Pleased to meet you! I've a white k11 1.4, year 2000. I'm upgrading her step by step, I hope you can give me the hand I'm looking for!
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    QG18DE injectors on CGA3DE

    Hi everybody, this is the first post I write on MSC, so pleased to meet you! I'm from Italy and I have a K11 1.4 (CGA3). I bought 4 fuel injectors of a Primera QG18DE that I want to install on my Micra. I chose these because (I know many installed GA16 ones, but they're Hitachi, mines are...