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  1. Nasnro

    Bypassing Nats

    Hi all, I've read through most of the threads regarding nats, not much was there about bypassing or disabling the nats system. We do alot of hotrod racing here. Our big problem is the nats system. We usually swap out the ECU and loom to a non nats one but they are getting ever so rare. The main...
  2. Nasnro

    Question: Any tips for building a Micra for oval racing?

    Hi all, I recently bought 2 k11 1.0 Micras a 99 and 00. I was just wondering what tips you all can give me regarding building a Micra hot rod. I've previously built and raced a Toyota starlet ep70 but unfortunately the Micras have the edge on power, that's why I'm turning to the dark side. I...