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  1. hilton484

    Speedo drive

    Anyone know where I can get a new one cheapish, will ring nissan when I have money or does any one have a spare from a knackered gearbox? Need one for preface box as theres nothing left on top since I went at it :( did eventually get it free but the wring way as its now inside the gearbox :(...
  2. hilton484

    Gear linkage support mount

    Probly kick myself when I fi d out how but im fine doing the selector rod and putting the support to the gaiter but where the heck does that metal block with the m10( I think stud) go? Bit stuck with it atm :/
  3. hilton484

    Piston rings

    Ok so basically I ordered some for the cg10 and they refunded after a few emails as they didnt have them in stock at best parts store so I had anpther look on ebay and the one that were the right year said they were fpr 72.5mm bore iirc not the 71 that the haynes manual says coildnt find any...
  4. hilton484

    Breakdown kit

    Thought this might be a useful topic for some of us but basically with all the work im gonna do on the engine its gonna want a good first run in, gonna go lancaster way and back, it 30 mile each way so nice and steady down a6 there will be some good spots where I can go 60 some of the parrallel...
  5. hilton484

    nissan micra hollywood revamp :)

    hi everyone i finally got around to starting my blog was messing about trying to find best way to do pics but ill just out links to dropbox in which is probly easiest. ok so a bit about me, im currently 23, im a full time machinist, previous to that i reconditioned starters and alternators at...
  6. hilton484

    Twin/ split fuel rail

    Just had a random thought, ive ordered an adjustable fuel reg and ot said it has twin output capability so if you had two rail like a v block I guess. But I thought its only ab extra so wont make a difference.. but then I thought what if I split the rail in 2, put a short bit of hose on the...
  7. hilton484

    Silly question but whats this? :s

    Hey guys first post on here cause ive not got round to posting my project up yet lol but basically ive rebuilt the back end and currently waiting new lower links arriving and have been wondering for ages what is this part, how does it work and what can/should I do with it. My thoughts so far are...