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    Turbo Engine Building help.

    Hi all, Just about to start stripping a cg13 engine down in preparation for a rebuild fron the bare block up and I haven't built one for a turbo before so what combination or parts have people used that have been reliable? Are there any parts from a cg10 that I should source?
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    ABS or no ABS

    Hi all i have a 2000 nissan micra 1.3 gx but it needs new cv joinst on both sides i just dont know whether or not it has ABS can anyone guide me on what i am looking for?
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    Item for sale

    I am trying to sell my rear upper strut brace for the k11 but i cant find how to post in the trading section can anyone help?
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    Cross Member help

    I am looking to get an 3 door K11 but the only one near me has a problem with the cross member is this fixable?