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  1. Beardo1998

    Super Turbo Guide Price?

    I'm hoping to be in the market for a March Super Turbo early next year and was wondering if anyone had some kind of estimated guide price for one? I thought £3000 / 3500€ for a standard model would be an accurate estimate but some people seem to pick numbers out of a hat as a price tag :L Any...
  2. Beardo1998

    FOR SALE: K10 Rear Strut Brace - £45

    Wiechers rear strut brace (£57 new), owned for a few months but never fitted. I've got a front strut brace made by Weichers for a K10 which is absolutely perfect so I'm expecting a similar performance from this rear brace. Good condition, a few scratches here and there but only in the light...
  3. Beardo1998

    WANTED: March Turbo Bumpers

    Looking for a rear bumper for an EK10 March Turbo to go on my Micra. Only need the rear as mine has a little damage, however if a front bumper complete with fogs popped up I'd definitely consider it. A bit of a long shot. Also any price guide ranges would help if anyone can recall the price they...
  4. Beardo1998

    K10 First Car "Build"

    Eventually decided to do a thread for my Micra, partly for those who may be interested but mainly because I'm starting to forget how I got from where I started to where I am now. This can be my reminder. So. Got my K10 back in April 2014 (When I was 15) for £400 + £120 auctioneer fees. 2 owners...
  5. Beardo1998

    Super S Kit

    Been looking for a while now. Please, anyone haha. I need as much as possible bar the skirts :)
  6. Beardo1998

    Super S bits required

    I recently bought a pair of Super S side skirts without realising that I also need the arch trim parts and the moulded but of plastic that blends the arches and the skirts together. Anyone know where I can find some/got any for sale? Thanks :)