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  1. Shawaaz

    hight idle

    hi folks im having hight idle when cold start and engine fan comes on even at short distance. i think its a vacuum leak. can it be possible vacuum leaks? or something else?
  2. Shawaaz


    hi all. can someone tell me where is the EGR valvesituated on k12 cr12de engine. thnks in adcance
  3. Shawaaz

    please join this group
  4. Shawaaz

    Airbag wiring

    Hi folks. I need the aribag wiring diagram as my airbag light start blinking. It was diagnose with a B1049 code
  5. Shawaaz

    JAE 2019

    Hii there. Am very sad i couldnt come. Im very far in mauritius. Hey guys enjoy to the max...
  6. Shawaaz

    T10 bulb in headlamp

    Hi all, i have a problem with the t10 bulb in the headlight. Infact the driver side bulb stop working. Front and rear. I cant find anu fuse for it in the fuse box. Please help