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  1. ivawart

    Issue with LED brake lights

    I've got a strange issue with one of my LED brake lights. Bear in mind, they've worked faultlessly since installation and only recently have developed a fault. Okay, so I've noticed that the nearside (passenger) LED's have become intermittent. The indicator and reverse lamps work perfectly...
  2. ivawart

    Black colour debadged and resprayed facelift bonnet/tailgate/front and back bumpers

    I have for sale both front and rear bumpers as well as debadged bonnet and tailgate. Serious interest only. I need these gone asap. I don't have time to arrange postage, and frankly, I imagine it'd be pricey to do so, therefore buyer will need to collect. I'm in East London. You can pay on...
  3. ivawart

    K11 fuel flap

    As above, to fit a 2001 k11 5 door. The one without the lock; it opens via the release lever on the driver's seat. Any colour, not bothered as will be resprayed. I need this fairly quickly so anyone got one laying about?
  4. ivawart

    LEDs in dash...

    ...was just wondering, is it worth installing LEDs in the speedometer area (for example, have a nice bright blue colour instead of the standard dull bulbs). Do they last long or would I forever be swapping out blown LEDs? What's the best way to go about getting the right LEDs? Would it be best...
  5. ivawart

    Will this fit my facelift K11? The seller can't confirm as my factory setup is a four-point steering wheel and the one for sale is a three-point...
  6. ivawart

    Black The Ripper

    Bought my humble k11 1.4 SE+ about 11 months ago, wasn't really sure what I wanted to do to her other than make her look a lot better :D Here's the only pic I have left of the stock car (lost the better pics due to hardisk failure :( ). I've blurred out the non-prudent bits so if you look...
  7. ivawart

    F/S: Facelift JDM honeycomb grilles

    Item: Facelift JDM honeycomb grilles Location: East London Condition: Very good, comes with all screws and fittings Reason for selling: No longer needed Price: £80 excluding P+P As the title says, black honeycomb grilles for facelift K11. These are extremely rare to come by these days. I don't...
  8. ivawart

    F/S: Facelift front fog kit

    Item: Facelift front fog kit Location: East London Condition: Used, but not by me Reason for selling: No longer needed Price: £50 exc P+P *** SOLD *** Facelift front fog lights kit for sale, with all wiring, stalk and lamps. Bought them a little while ago off another member but never got...
  9. ivawart

    Janspeed backbox

    Only after the backbox, so if anyone's got one knocking around hit me up Or I'd consider other backboxes, maybe even import ones.
  10. ivawart

    F/S: JDM Nismo spoiler

    Item: JDM Nismo spoiler Location: East London Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: Bought it, but didn't ever get to fitting so needs to go Price: £130 JDM Nismo spoiler in black. These go for around the same price, with imperfections, on ebay and you'd need to get them shipped from...
  11. ivawart

    F/S: K11 facelift exterior parts, only recently sprayed!

    Item: K11 facelift exterior parts, only recently sprayed! Location: East London Condition: Lush Reason for selling: Not required any longer Price: Just gauging interest for now; parts will be available in about 1 week's time All parts are from a 2001 plate k11 and have only been sprayed in...
  12. ivawart

    Can someone explain...

    ...what's the benefit of having a 4-2-1 manifold over the stock setup? would also like to understand why people change the 1st/2nd decats. Does it improve performance, or is it soley for the type of sound that the exhaust makes? These probably seem like daft questions for someone whose been...
  13. ivawart

    FS: K11 parts, parcel shelf w speakers, headlights, other stuff

    Okay, got some stuff that I need to sell, but no rush as yet, so seeing if there's any interest at this point Note: all items are exluding posting, haven't had time to check what it would cost Will get pics as soons as possible All parts are for facelift unless otherwise stated - stock...
  14. ivawart

    JDM Facelift clear headlights

    Bought them off ebay and had them shipped over from japan. Cost me £90 excluding import fees. I'm looking for £60. I didn't ever get round to fitting them, and really need the money so they are getting put here to see if anyone might be interested. Pics: There's...
  15. ivawart

    Question about fitting Almera GTI front calipers to a k11

    Will the calipers fit along with the micra's existing carrier mounts or would I need to pick up almera ones?
  16. ivawart

    K11 calipers needed asap

    Well, I need just the nearside one but would consider buying both if the price is right ;)
  17. ivawart

    Strange issue with front brake pads/calipers

    Not sure what the root cause is, but yesterday I noticed that (having driven a short while on a dual carriageway where the speed limit was 50mph) the car started labouring to keep up speed. As soon as I would ease off the gas pedal the car would begin slowing drastically, then getting the speed...
  18. ivawart

    Washer bottle capacity

    doh! i've only gone and put the thread in the wrong forum :rolleyes: don't know how to move it, so here it is in the k12 forum
  19. ivawart

    Washer bottle capacity

    can anyone tell me the volume capacity of the washer bottle on a 2001 k11 micra? Got some washer fluid but it needs to be diluted with water before use, and I haven't been able to find out how much water/fluid i'd need to fill the whole bottle. Please don't tell me to follow the guides on...
  20. ivawart

    Facelift headlights removal

    I must really be dense For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the last peg holding the headlight in place off. I've unscrewed the top screw and the 2 side nuts (the ones nearer the radiator side of the car). The headlight is loose apart from a final fitting that looks like a peg...