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  1. sam duckett

    show us your PAO's

    i wanna see everyone pao lets see whos actual active in here.. mine is below :)
  2. sam duckett

    Pao Distributor Replacement?

    did you get sorted? if not depending on your location i have a spare one in my garage
  3. sam duckett

    British Insurance

    ring the companies mine is insured threw Adrian flux :)
  4. sam duckett

    Nissan Micra 12" wheel center cap part number. Please !!!

    there was a set of a pao on ebay the other week :)
  5. sam duckett

    cg10 idle

    I haven't looked into codes yet but I will get some this evening and post them.
  6. sam duckett

    cg10 idle

    I see I see I will have a chat with my ate and get him to plug it in. ive changed 02 already. redone my vacuum lines and gaskets. I am goanna take rail of tonight and see what's going on there. I have a few spare that ive taken of my previous micras when stripping them so ill give one of...
  7. sam duckett

    cg10 idle

    how would I check that :) I will check that next ive got abit further into my problem. it now idols but it sort of stutters when driving. every now and again. on idol it idols fine now just once every now and again it will drop revs right down to almost stalling then comes back up to idol normally
  8. sam duckett

    cg10 idle

    It had it when I bought it . Just couldn't tell because it was standard only realised when I put my straight pipe on that I've run on all my micra it is both when walm and cold. I will check tonight that list and see if I get anywhere. Thanks for your reply
  9. sam duckett

    cg10 idle

    Pink is best color out there. Gonna have another scrat around on the engine bay tonight and see if there's anything else I can find
  10. sam duckett

    Weekly Graveyard Shift

    Weekly Graveyard Shift
  11. sam duckett

    cg10 idle

    hello. This is my 3rd k11 2nd blue celebration model but the first with problems with idle my cg10 has had idle problems for a while now. hunting anywhere between cutting out and 1.5k it run fine when driving as far as I can tell. I have tried 4 different throttle body's. some improved the...
  12. sam duckett

    idling madness

    ill check that aswell :) thankyou
  13. sam duckett

    idling madness

    I will have a look when im home :) didn't even think about that
  14. sam duckett

    idling madness

    hello. my k11 has gained a idle problem with in the space of a few hours. it is permanently hunting for revs when not under load. between 1k and 2k is were it is hunting. its a 2000 k11. 1l I've had this before and it turned out it was the throttle position sensor missing the screws out of...
  15. sam duckett

    about you?

    thanks :)
  16. sam duckett

    Northwest Members Post Here

    will there be a meet in north west this year :) i'm all keen if there is
  17. sam duckett

    about you?

    Name: Sam Duckett Age: 23 (I think) Location: burton in Kendal (a ####ty village in Cumbria) Occupation: hospital admin/button presser. Hobbies: none i'm boring. Car: Nissan pao ;) Past cars: k11 facelift blue micra :eek: Instagram: the_static_bearded_bellend The k11: The pao: :rolleyes:
  18. sam duckett

    best way to check for vacuum leak?

    hellooo again. anyone any tips on how's best to find a vacuum leak? without a smoke tester. or has anyone got any diagrams of the vacuum pipes so I can double check there all in the correct place. also seems to be over fuelling a lot. spark plugs are very very black even after only 50 miles...
  19. sam duckett

    K11 into a Pao

    im looking into doing this due to my idol problem, have you got it done?
  20. sam duckett

    HELP I need a new carburettor I think this one would fit mark might be able to confirm.