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  1. cherrytuner

    K11 CGA3DE-T powered "Hello From Greece - Hellas"

    Awesome build, keep it going :)
  2. cherrytuner

    Injectors K11 1.3 ,fuel pumps

    Hey I need good original injectors to a K11 1.3 , maybe up to three sets if you give a good offer on them all ;) And only offer if you can post to Finland. Also fuel pumps in good working order needed. Thanks!
  3. cherrytuner

    195 miles from full tank £48 1.0L

    Hmm thanks for the tip...must check this when i get the front end fixed from the blackmask...hopefully next weekend!
  4. cherrytuner

    195 miles from full tank £48 1.0L

    It´s not good for the gearbox if you drive at 30mph in 5th gear.....these K11 and other nissan gearboxes are "famous" of lubrication issues (main bearings failing/5th gear not keeping in/etc) and overfilling is not a bad option. And if the gearbox has bearing issues then the fuel consumption...
  5. cherrytuner

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    You can choose , or take both out. Will need one in MOT anyway.
  6. cherrytuner

    Not sporty but !

    Inside the maf, there are topics which explain the whole repair thing with pictures.
  7. cherrytuner

    rocker cover screws

    Same size as the old ones. If not sure about the threads, then try different kinds of bolts until you find fitting ones. You can always measure the threads from the old ones with a proper tool if there is even a bit of thread left at those.
  8. cherrytuner

    Need a help about engine oil.

    Castrol magnatec has been good in my motors , been using it recently.
  9. cherrytuner

    Not sporty but !

    The timing is not the issue then....that haynes number should be close enough :) Souds a lot like related to the tb karlj said. Easy fix!
  10. cherrytuner

    1994 issues

    With that long being not serviced you should change at least these: -Air filter -fuel filter -spark plugs Also cleaning the maf wire and re-soldering the throttle body should be done.... New fuel pump would be next to check if those jobbies dont help :)
  11. cherrytuner

    Not sporty but !

    Should check the plugs/fuel filter/distributor/ignition timing also... I recently bought a K11 for spares and was lacking power, ignition timing was way late... after adjusting was all good again.
  12. cherrytuner

    Not sporty but !

    The 1.0 should surely go up a hill faster than 15mph?
  13. cherrytuner

    Not sporty but !

    Has the car been serviced? The power problem could be also related to fuel pump.
  14. cherrytuner

    Heat shield question (again)

    Why do you have to go and touch them? I don´t understand.... The car works just as well without the heat shields which are in the exhaust.
  15. cherrytuner

    Easy Changes to Performance

    The only reasonable option is to swap to 1.3 engine, and it is easy to do by yourself. We´ll help you if you run into some problems ;)
  16. cherrytuner

    Super S -93 "cherry" ,the rescue!

    Thanks! :)
  17. cherrytuner

    K11 BlackMask from Finland

    I´ve tried but those bastards want to hit it so badly :P
  18. cherrytuner

    Super S -93 "cherry" ,the rescue!

    Thanks! Feeling a bit strange but happy :)
  19. cherrytuner

    K11 BlackMask from Finland

    Yea of course ill use my own hands ;) ...some cable ties and a big hammer, what else do you need? Oh duck tape also ;) I am starting to think that it has some kind of curse or a crash magnet in front, wants to be a slant nose so badly.
  20. cherrytuner

    Super S -93 "cherry" ,the rescue!

    Not really...been buying some parts (Lloyd exhaust,door handles...) and still looking some decent spares car to get those badly rusted areas from. Got myself a daughter two days ago so there has been a bit other things going on too :)