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  1. Calum

    Audi B5 S4 500bhp+ Project

    Hi All, Not been on here in a while, probably because I sold the Super S at the beginning of the year. It didn't go to a forum member, but did find a great home with a chap that's already got one turbo track K11. I might not have a Micra any more, but it's still really nice to come on here and...
  2. Calum

    Mazda RX8 PZ

    If anyone has checked my Super S thread lately (which you probably wont have done as its been pretty boring) you will know that the K11 has gone off the road for some much needed tlc. In it's place me and girlfriend picked up this :) It's the PZ model, so it's been tuned by ProDrive with...
  3. Calum

    Rear Strut Brace - Does it do anything?

    Hi everyone, I'm collecting handling components for my K11 and I have arrived at the point where I am looking for strut braces. Whilst the idea of a front one seems to offer some structural benefits under very hard driving, something about the need for a rear one has left me stumped... The...
  4. Calum

    Removing Tail Lights

    Hey everyone, Today I attempted to fit my LED rear lights, however getting the old ones off looks like it may be more challenging than the exhaust change I just did. They appear to have been bonded on with Tiger Seal, which might as well be the same thing as welding considering how tight they...
  5. Calum

    Cat to Downpipe bolts

    Hey everyone, I picked up first cat back Peter Lloyd system yesterday, and I've also just ordered a Frankspeed Mani. All of this means that the downpipe will have to be disconnected from the first cat, and I am almost positive the bolts with the springs on them are going to be seized.. Does...
  6. Calum

    Wanted: Frankspeed Manifold

    Hi everyone, As per the title, if anyone has one lying around that they would like to sell, let me know. Calum
  7. Calum

    Lenso BSX 15x7 Alloy Wheels with Federal Formoza Tyres for Sale

    Hi everyone, As my car will be off the road for a few months and as I am planning on changing to a different, more track orientated wheel and tyre setup (see my blog for details) I am looking to sell my current wheels and tyres, they are as follows: Wheels: Lenso BSX Silver with polished lip...
  8. Calum

    [SOLD] 2002 Citroen C5 V6 - 75k

    My dads selling his car (which he has owned for the last 10 years) as its no longer being driven. Bargain at £470 imo. Probably not a Micra enthusiasts ideal car, but works great...
  9. Calum

    [SOLD] 54' Vauxhall Vectra 2.0T Petrol 6-speed for sale

    Hi everyone. I'm planning on getting my K11 back on the road so on so I'm looking to sell my Vectra. I originally bought it because I needed a much bigger car and it has served its purpose well in that sense. I've attached some pictures below. Please note that the car will need a new clutch...
  10. Calum

    CG13DE Auto Engine Block Advice Needed.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to pick up a low mileage CG13DE auto engine next week for my turbo build. From searching this forum it appears that I will need to change the clutch and flywheel setup to the 1.0 version, if this is true are there any disadvantages to using the auto block in terms of...
  11. Calum

    Testing the water..

    Hey everyone, My Micra is currently off the road. Its got no MOT and is Sorn'd. Since driving my Vectra have realised I prefer larger cars, primarily due to practicality. I had planned to spend a fair amount converting the Super S to AWD SR20DET running gear from a Pulsar. For the amount this...
  12. Calum

    [SOLD] Frankspeed Manifold & GA16 Airbox with Snorkel

    Hey everyone, As I'm putting my Micra into storage I've taken off the GA16 airbox with adapted snorkel as it won't be required when the cars back on the road. I purchased this, along with a Frankspeed manifold (which has not been fitted) from Skymera on here a couple of months ago. I'm...
  13. Calum

    Having a clear-out

    Hey everyone, Time to get rid of all the Micra related stuff I have lying around as it's taking up precious space and I can't see myself ever using any of it. First up: Some 4x100 Alloys. These are labelled as FOX 5B on the back and are 15 x 6.5J (not sure of the offset but can get some pics...
  14. Calum

    First cat (hollow or not)

    Hey eveyone I'm looking for a first cat which has either been hollowed out already, or one that's not and I can do it myself. Thanks
  15. Calum

    Cost to weld exhaust?

    Hey everyone, The centre section of my exhaust came apart today (the weld broke). The car has had the middle cat removed and the piece of pipe which replaced it has broken away from the chamber which comes after the cat. Does anyone have any idea what a reasonable price to pay for welding it...
  16. Calum

    Has somebody been editing wikipedia?

    At first I thought this must be an edit, but now I am genuinely unsure, given Japanese innovation and all that :rolleyes:
  17. Calum

    Advice needed - Fitting a new cross member

    Hey everyone, I have just done a routine inspection on the undercarriage of my Micra and discovered a rusty hole in the NS of the lower front cross member. It's strange because it wasn't there a month ago and the rest of the cross member is absolutely mint. I have decided I will just replace...
  18. Calum

    Rear Wiper Grommet

    Hey everyone, I have just removed my rear wiper and I can't find anywhere that sells the grommet that is needed to fill the hole. I have read that it is a 30mm one that is needed? Does anyone have a spare one lying around that they would kindly sell to me? :) Thanks, Calum
  19. Calum

    Headlamps: Possible malfunction?

    Hey Everyone, When I turn my sidelights (1.5w single LED type) on in the 93' Super S, the headlamp bulbs (Bosch Plus 90 type) illuminate slightly at the tips. Has anyone else experienced this? It didn't happen in the 97' shape I used to own, I am worried there may be a short somewhere...
  20. Calum

    1993 Nissan Micra Super S - Mikey Mk2

    Okay everyone, finally got round to taking some pics of the Super S (after polishing it of course). I've used my brothers DSLR but the pics came out a bit darker than I wanted.. You may need to turn the brightness up on your screen to view them properly.. Enjoy :)...