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  1. MathewsMicra

    5 door wind deflectors for sale, front and rear

    Since I don't have my K11 anymore, I don't need to hold on to these deflectors.
  2. MathewsMicra

    Seats from Primera

    Greetings guys and girls I have decided to install a couple seats from a P12 Primera into my Micra, both for comfort, and to match my interior. I just have one thing boggling my mind about it. The old seats have airbags, and so do the ones from the Primera, but if I leave the airbag...
  3. MathewsMicra

    Car cranks but doesn't start, I need help

    Hello everyone, I need a bit of help with my Micra About two months ago I bought a K11 1.3L, which had driven 340000 km (210000 miles), the engine broke down as expected and I put in another 1.3L engine that had only gone 107000 km on it (65000 miles). But 2nd to last saturday, I started it up...