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  1. Shaun

    K11 SR £280 [Spares/Repair]

    Hey guys, I am selling the micra due to the fact i have another car and can't afford to keep two cars. Tax until the end of June (have a tax reminder so would be quick enough to get done) MOT till mid July. The car itself runs and drives everything electrical works. Being an honest person...
  2. Shaun

    '96 S40

    Volvo S40 1.8 Engine Stock Wheels & Suspension 17" Alloys Transmission Stock Brakes Stock Interior Stock Cosmetics Debadged Stock Lip/Spat Kit Wind Deflectors Gadgets & Gizmos JVC Headunit, USB, CD-RW, Aux Plans: DeBadge the rear Lower it enough but be practical. Sort out...
  3. Shaun

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  4. Shaun

    K11 Coilpack Info Needed

    Hey guys, after much deliberation on getting a completely different car after this SR i have decided to stick with Micras. However i just wanted to know would i come across any problems with the coilpack engines. Is there really much difference to the more common 1.3 instead of the coilpack...
  5. Shaun

    Take Note...

    Stumbled across this yesterday, sorry if it's a re-post.
  6. Shaun

    Worthing Meet *** 27th May 2012 CANCELLED***

    Planning On Meeting Up Say Midday? Location: BN11 1AZ Multistorey Behind College (ignore the postcode on the screenshot) Please post your names below: Shaun
  7. Shaun

    Pre-facelift at 'Bridges' Scrappy

    You'll have to go down there on a saturday mind as thats the only day they open up that side. but its a D reg pre-facelift with front lights grill etc. all in tact, if you need anything off it i suggest you get down there soon before it's cubed. just some info for you guys... know how hard it is...
  8. Shaun

    Shaun's For Sale Thread

    THREAD UPDATED: All for sale stuff will be added at the bottom. Any questions etc. then please PM me as i am not on here very much lately. Also i will probably be selling the car soon but i'll let you guys know as soon as i do.
  9. Shaun

    CharlieRally Takes 1st Place

    I'll Let the video explain...
  10. Shaun

    Devil's Dyke Meet *** 23rd October ***

    *** 23rd October *** Will be at Devil's Dyke, Shall we say Midday? Unless any of you guys would prefer a different venue? Address: Clicky Vintage Inn Dyke Road, Poynings, Brighton, BN1 8YJ Get your names down then! :blush: 1. Shaun
  11. Shaun

    Q. How To Cure Steering Vibration?

    Now i know when going low this tends to happen more often than not but no matter what i do it persists. Can anyone a little more experienced explain to me just how to stop this as it is terrible doing long journeys. (over 60mph) After having the wheels on and new tyres they were balanced and...
  12. Shaun

    Steel Wheel Clearance. x7

    I have 7, Yes 7 steel wheels up for grabs... i was thinking a £5 note a piece. Some are slightly curbed but nothing major. All of them have tyres. Some have good tread some have the inside/outside edge wear 1 is punctured. Collection Only (unless you really want to arrange a courier) Can...
  13. Shaun

    Steelie Hub Caps (Trade)

    For every good condition Hub cap i get i will trade you one micra steel wheel... not even joking i have 7 spare 13" steelies some with good tread on em too. one is punctured. one is slightly bald. the others are ok. Collection only so either a half way meet or you can come to me. i need four...
  14. Shaun

    Just In Case You Haven't Seen This Yet...

    Watch It In HD If Your A True Fan...
  15. Shaun

    How To Adjust Coilovers PROPERLY?

    Just wondering really as i take it one side would have to be adjusted higher than the other to compensate for driver and heavy side of the engine? or is it just a case of adjusting everything to be symmetrical like floor to the top of the arch lip? Thankies In Advance!
  16. Shaun

    Insurance Companies To Try?

    It's that lovely time of the year where one needs to renew his/her insurance. However having 2 years of crash free driving and no points on my licence my cheapest quote so far is from with... wait for it... £1011.83 You have got to be kidding me right? 2009 - K10 Super S -...
  17. Shaun

    SR Failed MOT - Advice Needed

    Exhaust emissions Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits [7.3.D.2b] Service brake efficiency below requirements [3.7.A.9] Brakes Failures: RBT service Brake efficiency: 37% Little bit confuffled with the second one. Any ideas as to what brake they are actually talking...
  18. Shaun

    [SOLD] For Sale: 1994 Super S

    For Sale i have my Nissan Micra Super S 1994: Nearly 135,000 miles (still starts first time) Tax until end of August MOT till 20th July 2011 (cannot guarantee a pass) Rear wheel cylinders were recently changed (have invoice for it aswell) Peter Lloyd exhaust system with frankspeed manifold NO...
  19. Shaun

    Beware nerd content inside

    Anyone else watching the eclipse live feed on ? Very nerdy outbreak sorry! :wasntme:
  20. Shaun

    World's Craziest Fools!

    Anyone Else Watched This: :laugh::laugh::laugh: