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  1. cherrytuner

    Injectors K11 1.3 ,fuel pumps

    Hey I need good original injectors to a K11 1.3 , maybe up to three sets if you give a good offer on them all ;) And only offer if you can post to Finland. Also fuel pumps in good working order needed. Thanks!
  2. cherrytuner

    Minilite style JBW wheels? Where to get?

    I have a small issue finding proper rims to my K11 project, maybe someone here can assist me ;) Would like to buy JBW minilite style rims in 13/7 and ET10 but where to get them? Any webshop where it would be easy to order them to Finland? Ebay has some but one who is selling them claims that...
  3. cherrytuner

    Rims? 13inch deep dish style etc

    Missed the compomotive ml:s on ebay today so looking once again some nice rims for the K11 Super S. Some Jdm/Jdm style deep dishes would be perfect , and size max 14inch and minimum 13inch ;) need for steelies. So if you´ve got sweet rims and you can send overseas, contact me! Max...
  4. cherrytuner

    K11 4-2-1 manifold and other stuff.

    Looking for a better flowing exhaust manifold for the K11, also frankspeed mani would be nice. All other tune up parts for the micra are also worth to offer :) And if you have some jdm bits , maybe interested in those too. Looking also for some special rear lights. Feel free to contact...
  5. cherrytuner

    Mystic GT Primera P11

    Got this primera early this year, now for sale because nothing much to do with it, i get bored pretty quick sometimes ;) Sleeping for the winter, if does not get sold maybe i´ll get the tomei poncams and send the ecu tweaked :) Some story in the primera site...
  6. cherrytuner

    Super S -93 "cherry" ,the rescue!

    This is a story about getting a micra back to life ;) Here in Finland the Super S K11 has not been sold as new, so there are not many of those here. I can´t remember i have ever seen one alive before this one. So, i noticed in finnish internet auction site that there is a rare micra...
  7. cherrytuner

    Super S In finland?

    This is so awesome! I was really sad because we dont have super s K11 micras here ,they have never been sold here as new. I was just checking out the finnish auction selling site and wtf??? There it is, and just few miles from here. Did not pass the mot because some rust issues, but that...
  8. cherrytuner

    Cherry -82 , Sunny -86

    Here is some story of the two oldies that i´ve been grown into :) The Cherry N12 -82 i bought from my friend ~10years back, has been so long with me that i cannot really be thinking of selling it anymore. Ended up being really at the bottom (ice rallying car etc ) , until my friend saved it...
  9. cherrytuner

    WTB: GA15 tb + much more.

    I am in search of the GA15 throttle body, let me know if there is one to buy ;) Also wanted to the K11 1.3 engine: -Performance cams -Lighter flywheel -Sports/race exhaust manifold Also interested in almera gti /samelike front brake calipers. I´ll add up more later, as i refresh my...
  10. cherrytuner

    K11 BlackMask from Finland

    Hello all, decided to share some story about the K11 which is my daily driver at the moment. Starting point was this spring ,unregistered because the small crash. Paid 500eur from it at this state. Just a standard 1.3 -97 ,about 135tkm at the clock and full service history. Then...