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    K11 Build

    So my 1.3 engine is going in at the weekend , it will be running a 1.0 box and iv ordered an uprated clutch. the car will only be for track use (trailered to and from track) i was looking at going down the route of putting bike carbs on but for the cost i think ill leave that for now. once...
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    HI my build is well under way, i have got my new engine, im in the process of removing the current engine and i am now looking to get some other parts together for then the engine goes in does anyone have a 4-2-1 or a 4-1 manifold for sale to fit a 1.3 K11, the best price i am getting on a new...
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    K11 front window clips

    Hi All does anyone have a spare K11 front Glass Guide support they can sell me (think that's what its called, the part that glues to the window and then bolts to the window reg) cheers Mike
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    K11 1.3 engine

    Hi All I've just collected a 1.0 k11 with only 66k on it in really good condition, first thing is first i need to swap the engine for a 1.3 to start my track build if anyone has one for sale please drop me a DM thanks Mike