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    Door lock actuator

    Hi, having the lock problem whereas when you press the fob ,the doors open then close again rapidly.Ive read on here that it’s probably the drivers door actuator ?. Any ideas where I can buy them , are they still available new ?. Ebay doesn’t show any for sale . cheers mark.
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    Front fog light warning bulb

    Hi, recently fitted front fog lights to the wife's 2001 car , but when you switch them on the warning light in the dashboard doesn't indicate they're on ?.The rear fog light bulb does ?. I've had the dash out and there is a bulb in but looking at the symbols by it , it's shows the "sport" button...
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    Fog light switch

    Hi, just fitted fog lights to wife's 2001se but need the light stalk that has both front/ rear fog lights on it. Currently only has the rear fog light on Cheers mark
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    Front fog lights

    Hello everyone, wife's just brought a 2001 micra with 18k on the clock and 17 Nissan stamps in the service book !! She used to have one years ago and as soon as she saw this one she had to have it . One thing that is missing is front fog lights and just seeing if anyone knows where/ if I could...