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    Are the thermostat housings the same for the 1l carb and the injection models?

    Hi, I have a 1l carb k11 and the thermostat housing pipes are shot. I don't seem to be able to get a new one anymore so it looks like second hand is the only option. Could one of you amazing folk tell me if ther are the same for the carb and injection models? Thanks so much for your help! Franz
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    Can you get silicone hose kits for 1l k11?

    Hi, The cooling pipes to the thermostat housing are quite worn on my 1L k11. I was just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to get a coolant silcone hose pipe kit? I have seen one for the 1.3L but I'm assuming it won't be compatible. Thanks for your time and help! Franz
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    Oil pump refurbishment

    Hi! I have a 16v 1l k11. Is it possible to get the oil pumps from anywhere or can anyone recommend a company that refurbishes them? Thanks for your time and help! Franz :)
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    K11 Rear Inner Arches

    Hi, I have a R reg k11. The poor beast has some severe rust issues.Can anyone direct me or suggest where I may get the rear inner arch panels from? Thanks very much for your time!