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    Siphon petrol from K11

    Q. How can I siphon petrol tank from K11 ? Thanks in advance!
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    K11 pollen filter

    Hi all im (trying) to replace my pollen filter on my K11 facelift. (the car does not have AC!) I can release the cover for the pollen but the dash behind the glovebox prevents me from pulling it out completely? any ideas??? cheers
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    wanted: rear seat bench catch mech.

    Hi all I am after a K11 rear folding seat catch (within the back rest) can anyone help?
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    wanted: rear seat catch ?

    Hi all, my rear foling seat does not lock on one side. does anyone know where I can get hold of a catch?
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    mi Light

    The malfunction indicator has come up on my car, how do I diagnose? It stays on constantly... OMG - I had to re-register - the forums have changed so much since I was on here last! K11 1.0 Sport. Thanks in advance.....