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    alloy wheel repairs

    hey guys, just wondered if anyone knows of a good and reasonably priced alloy wheel repair company in or around wiltshire. after struggling to find the cause of my steering wobble, i had the suspect wheel checked for balance. balance was spot on however there is a visible 'Egg' on the inside of...
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    Coil packs

    Can anyone tell me if k11 coilpacks have a built in ignitor? Need to know for megasquirt setup. Thanks
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    Spotted a white preface with debadged front grille n black wheels in whitley near melksham wiltshire this morning. Anybody on here?
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    Coil packs

    Does anybody know if the coil packs on a micra are 4pin with built in ignitor? Looking in to a megasquirt system but not quite sure what im gunna need yet
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    @Noddie's old hawk stand alone ecu

    Hey guys. Been having a search for an upgrade/replacement for the motronic ecu on my k11. It seems no piggyback will be any use on my car so did a search on standalones and came across @Noddie's old hawk ecu in the f/s section about two years ago. Just wondered if it was still doing the rounds...
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    Whats causing that noise?

    Hey guys, whilst getting my tyres fitted the other day i asked the mechanic to check the play in the left front bearings as iv been getting a strange intermittent steering wobble and a bit of noise from that area. he had a fiddle for a minute and then told me my bearing was shot, as i am...
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    High comp1.3 conversion

    Hey guys, just wondered if you thought it would be possible to change the cams then drop off the sump, split the gearbox off n drop the crank, Rods n pistons out the bottom. Put pistons n rods on to the 1.3 crank n reassemble in reverse. reason for asking is I dont have a crane n no way of...
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    2003 k11 ISO lead?

    Hey guys, wondered if anyone could help. Have found the ISO I beleive I need in halfrauds (all nissan / ford maverick) for £11. However I just found this on ebay (item no: 150849524525). Says it fits 2000 > micras but looks different to the halfrauds one (believe it had 3 small connectors not...
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    Brake light comes on when keys arent in the ignition?

    Hey guys just a quick query, just went for a drive and discovered something strange. For some reason my brake lights iluminate when I press the pedal without the key in the ignition, however the handbrake dosent trigger the lights unless the ignition is turned on. Anyone had this before? Is this...
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    2003 micra s 1.0 automatic

    Hey guys, gunna start a blog for the lil red beast now. I got the insurance sorted today so I can pick her up on monday. £70 a month not too bad :) cheaper than my motorbike lol. Plan is to pick her up. Get the wheels and sound system fitted. Give her a good clean and polish inside and out...
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    K11 custom Plenum

    hi guys, in desparate need of a SR20 T/B and spare fuel rail complete with injectors. iv got a friend offering to make a plenum for me for £50 plus pnp if i can supply him with the T/B and injectors as he already makes a webber carb version for banger racing the CG10/13. once he has built one...
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    k11 group a rally airbox on ebay

    Heya guys just thought id let ya know theres a group a k11 airbox on ebay atm if anyone wants a look. Found it whilst searchin for a p11 item. Cant seem to make a link work but wont be hard to find.
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    52 plate micra 1.0 s auto mods help

    Heya guys, decided to re post this here as i havent had many replies in 'general' this also seems the better location to post. After trawling the forums and doing as much reasearch as possible on the little k11s i decided to join the forum and ask the questions i cannot find answers to without...
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    New Member

    Heya guys, after trawling the forums and doing as much reasearch as possible on the little k11s i decided to join the forum and ask the questions i cannot find answers to without upsetting to many people. I am due to be getting a 52 plate coil pack 1.0 auto micra s on the road in approx febuary...