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  1. frank

    turbo kit

    my previous TD04 system for sale, basically just needs bigger injectors and nistune (or whatever) mainly stainless steel and alloy, and still runs just as well as it did when i fitted it over 1 yr ago (10k miles ish) £350 collection preferred :)
  2. frank

    soundwave graph

    does anyone know how i can produce a waveform graph from this clip please ? :)
  3. frank

    some "handling" stuff

    and some underside pic,s of the K13 :)
  4. frank

    F/S: 1.3 flywheel lightened and balanced (by me)

    Item: 1.3 flywheel lightened and balanced (by me) Location: b/ham Condition: very good, and re-faced Reason for selling: not required Price: £50 + postage
  5. frank

    unequal length runner exh mani

    i,m hankering for a project :D what design would i need to get a scooby burble ?
  6. frank

    ghetto boost lowering

    a little how-to on fitting a softer wastegate spring :) 1, cut the top off the actuator 2, swap the spring for a lighter one, and weld the top back on (or else weld a bolt-on collar to the lid if you want to try various different spring loads)
  7. frank


    the (micrafanclub) dutch guys have posted up their printouts from yesterday,s group dyno session if anyone is interested :)
  8. frank

    another rev limiter option ?

    after reading in the fsm that "the engine speed is detected by measuring the time the slit needs to pass the optical sensor" so we tried shortening the slits with tape :) and sure enough the tacho was reading about 2 x normal
  9. frank

    quaife diff

    in answer to paul,s question on (the other paul,s) thread :)) "Hi Frank, are these available off the shelf for a K11 or is it a swop over from another Nissan model job? i think quaife did a sunny atb diff paul, and you would need the RS5F31 GA16 g/box maybe ? (qdf6l ?) but i doubt they would be...
  10. frank

    open deck block guards

    to save trolling paul,s blog :) the 1.3 auto blocks are supposedly stronger/better for boosting as they have a closed deck design to prevent coreshift. and nissan use a torqueplate when honing the QR,s apparently and the thread...
  11. frank

    piston options

    cutaway pics of CG13, CGA3, corsa and LPG CG13 the LPG ones have the thickest top ringland eh, and the CGA3 has the thinnest (the ones in mine atm :))
  12. frank


    loads of que,s at the petrol stations around here this morning ffs :rolleyes:
  13. frank


    clear ya inbox mate (Y)
  14. frank


    gonna try curborough out out on the 29th :)
  15. frank

    GA16 goodies

    some nice tuning stuff for sale on AOC usdm inlet/maf/tb/pink injectors fidanza alloy f/w etc
  16. frank

    almera gti wheels

    with decent tyres and centrecaps for sale by a friend in north birmingham, pickup only, £50 bargain (i can pm his contact details if needed :))
  17. frank

    japspec facelift breaking

    the yard in brum that i mainly use plastic h/lamps, complete t/gate, r/lights, cup holder, wind deflectors :) 07999222865 (afternoons)
  18. frank

    what a waste

    been out to the breakers to get a flywheel (bit of a cockup on my part :blush:) and there,s a k11 G # thingy import being loaded up, to weigh in tomorrow morning, still with the complete tailgate (led type spoiler) march tail lights, perspex h/lamps, complete vented bakes, tacho dash etc fwn...
  19. frank

    stricter mot,s

    plagiarised from aoc :wasntme: i hav,nt got a lot of wheel clearance :o
  20. frank

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    fitted a high comp 1.0 engine to mine :grinning: