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  1. Skinner_87

    My K11 SR20DE+T Thread

    Thats mega Stani you must be chuffed to bits with that!
  2. Skinner_87


    that would be the Fiat 131
  3. Skinner_87

    Individual throttle bodies trumpets 1.4

    This has some interesting info:
  4. Skinner_87

    Vacuum at Idle on 1.4 Micra

    I only mention that as i run a Skyline M/S on the standard micra break servo ran off cylinder 4 with the standard hose, never felt a lack of power. Fuel reg is simply a vac feed T pieced from each runner then to the reg.
  5. Skinner_87

    Vacuum at Idle on 1.4 Micra

    you should have more than enough vacuum off one cylinder to power a servo. Are you using the factory manifold to servo pipe?
  6. Skinner_87

    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Fits like a glove Dave!
  7. Skinner_87

    Whiteline Castor kit.

    Matt Humphries may still have some in stock
  8. Skinner_87

    Question: 5.1 CWP Ratios

    The only downside I find with the 5.1 is 1st is too short for sprints / hillclimbs – Hockleys ratio for 1st looks ideal – I did do a comparison for top theoretical top speed in each gear and the difference was nearly 10mph in 1st! Though fitting the 5.1 does save about a £1k!
  9. Skinner_87

    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Have you been busy tinkering away Dave?
  10. Skinner_87

    Fuel Tank Straps

    I get your idea Paul but this is for rallying so id prefer metal only. If nothing is about making a set up should be too much hassle
  11. Skinner_87

    Fuel Tank Straps

    Isle of Man mate
  12. Skinner_87

    Fuel Tank Straps

    Hi guys, Looking for a pair of fuel tank straps, K11. Cash waiting & would need to be posted please. Thanks
  13. Skinner_87

    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    I had the same when taking the bonnet to be painted, your man doing the body prep had more to do than he thought!
  14. Skinner_87

    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Looking well! GRP tailgate?
  15. Skinner_87

    The £80 Micra

    Been browsing Catcams all morning! :)
  16. Skinner_87

    1.3 Pistons

    Full set just come on Facebook Glen
  17. Skinner_87

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    You'll be fine Paul. A mistake we have all made, get investing in some decent goggles or a pull down mask eh :)
  18. Skinner_87

    Bike carbs

    Bogg Brothers or DanST Engineering
  19. Skinner_87

    The £80 Micra

    I recon thats going to be a tight fit!
  20. Skinner_87

    The £80 Micra

    Are you going to run the fuel injectors in there original position on the ITBS or the original mounts on the manifold straight at the head?