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    white/grey smoke.

    head gasket had failed. had bores re-honed and new piston rings fitted. new gaskets etc and now when running gives out lot of smoke .revving makes it worse .same after 10 mins idling. PVC valve replaced and all hoses clear. oil/water levels are OK though not yet checked for bubbles in rad ( sign...
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    early electronic coil wiring .

    had to remove coil when working on car. thought I'd taken a picture of wires and connections but sadly nothing found on phone! Haynes book only shows 2 wires to coil and NO polarity of coil eg + or -.. dont want blow coil or distributor module when trying to crank over .. has anybody got a...
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    piston rings

    looking to get new set for Nissan Micra 1.2L mk10 block . as far as I can see all rings Ebay etc show ring 1=1mm ring 2=1mm and ring( oil set) =2.8mm checking existing (worn) ring I get 1.4mm. 1.44 and 2.8mm. so stymied as to what actual ring thickness ought to be available! fitting a ring...
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    HP ? hwo do I found out.

    got a nissan micra 1.2L automatic 1992 with MA10 on engine block . trying to get new rings but seems there are 2 different power versions ! hwo do I find out what horsepower rating mine is? so I can order new piston rings .many thanks for reading
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    new to Micra K10

    inherited a micra 1.2 auto MK1 .sadly very high blow by as cel's 3/4 scuffed after over heating. looking up cost of rebore .new pistons .rings .gaskets etc simply not worth investment or time. checking out for used engines isn't so easy as 1.2 K10 units are few and far between it seems...