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  1. Zazee

    JAE 2017 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Be there on the Saturday with the black SR
  2. Zazee

    GA16 clutches...

    Hi, I'm hoping to go down the route of installing a GA16 clutch in my cg13 turbo, I understand I will need a fly wheel from a ga16. But I can't seem to find any ga16 Almera parts near me, but I can find some Primeras with GA16 engines. Does anybody know if the Almera 1.6 and Primera 1.6 fly...
  3. Zazee

    Wanted: Nistune and Upgrade clutch

    Hi, As above, looking for a Nistune preface K11 ECU, Also looking at upgraded clutches, any for sale or recommendations for good ones? For a cg13 with 180mm Thanks
  4. Zazee

    Prefacelift Manifold and Cat

    Anyone have a cheap Manifold with the first car attached? Can just be the cat on its own if any one has it. My old ones bolts are seized up on the cat and Cba to drill out, so if anyone has one ready to be bolted up, I'd be interested ! Thanks Sent from my Nexus 6P using Micra Sports Club...
  5. Zazee

    SuperS Bumper on Facelift?

    The bumper you've shown in the picture isn't from a prefacelift super s. That from a 1st facelift, which would fit your k11.
  6. Zazee

    J.Starr's R420 SR

    Black SR fwiend:) So clean!! Keep it up mate.
  7. Zazee

    FK Automotive Rear Shock Absorbers

    No worries buddy. Cheers :)
  8. Zazee

    FK Automotive Rear Shock Absorbers

  9. Zazee

    JDM wooden style Centre console

    Hi Andy, I'll send you a PM :)
  10. Zazee

    super s bumpers for sale (black)

    I would have had these if we weren't so far from each other!!
  11. Zazee

    JDM wooden style Centre console

  12. Zazee

    FK Automotive Rear Shock Absorbers

    Yep still available buddy :)
  13. Zazee

    Wooden trim

    I have one for sale. Take in look in for sale threads
  14. Zazee

    JDM wooden style Centre console

    Fancy wooden style centre console surround for pre facelift £25 + postage
  15. Zazee

    FK Automotive Rear Shock Absorbers

    FK Rear Shock Absorbers for K11. Never been installed. Should help reduce bouncy ride! £25 ono + postage cheers :)
  16. Zazee

    Adjustable panhard rod

    As above - needed ASAP!
  17. Zazee

    Hesitant acceleration - Lambda?

    I have been trying to figure out why my car feels a little hesitant when trying to pick up speed for a while now. It's only slightly noticeable but I can feel it. I changed the distributor, dizzy and leads and it's still there. I had been suspecting the lambda sensor for a while so I decided...
  18. Zazee

    Which is better offset bushes or adjustable pan rod

    Does anyone still make / sell the bushes?
  19. Zazee


    Is the panhard rod sold?
  20. Zazee

    infinity´s blue meanie

    Where did you get that backbox? On the look out for a remus... Nice build btw!