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  1. pjg1979

    [SOLD] Haynes Manual - Nissan Micra 1993 to 2002 £5.oo Posted

    I'm selling my Nissan Micra Haynes Manual as I no longer need it as I now have a Fiat Seicento. can post outside the UK for a bit more depending on where you are. Manual is in used condition.
  2. pjg1979

    Total Nissan Mag Issues 1 to 7, 10, 12 to 16

    Selling Old Total Nissan Magazines on ebay job lot:
  3. pjg1979

    Please Sponsor Me for Hollybank Trust

    Hello All, I doing a Fundraiser with a few work colleagues for Hollybank Trust if you wish to make a donation please click there --> Hollybank Trust cares for some of society’s most vulnerable members. It provides education, care and often a home...
  4. pjg1979

    Total Nissan Back Issues 8 & 9

    Does anybody have these back issues at all? Total Nissan Magazine Back Issues 8 & 9, I have tried their website a number of times but not in stock. Thanks Phil
  5. pjg1979

    Deep Dish Steering Wheel with BOSS Kit £50 or £60 Posted ONO

    Now on ebay starting at 99p or £20.oo so grab yourself a bargain, Practically brand New Steering and Boss Kit (Boss Kit will Fit K10 & K11) comes with horn and wiring. BOSS KIT SOLD - Steering is...
  6. pjg1979

    [SOLD] K11 Set of 4 Springs £30 or £35 Posted (ONO)

    Set of 4 standard K11 Micra Springs for sale, £30.oo or £35.oo posted. Ideal if you want to chop if you don't want to chop your own.
  7. pjg1979

    K11 Lip Spoiler-Modified Twice the Length (nearly finished project) £40/£50 Delivered

    This is an unfinished project which I was building for my China Blue Micra, the spoiler is nearly double in length as I was trying to make a drag style spoiler. One of a kind when finished and so far I've spent over £150 and 20+ hours on this. So far I have put 1 layer of primer on the...
  8. pjg1979

    [SOLD] K11 Facelift Cowel Surround with Intergrated Rev Counter £25.oo or £30.oo Posted.

    Colour is China Blue and White but can be painted to taste. What the rev counter looked like prior to instalment. Last but no least the revcounter working.
  9. pjg1979

    [SOLD] K11 1.4 Cams £15.oo or £20.oo Posted

    1.4 Cams, gears will be removed which are in these photos. £15.oo or £20.oo Collected.
  10. pjg1979

    [SOLD] Almera Radiator to Fit K11 with Hoses & Upper Support, £30.oo for £40.oo Posted.

    I have for sale off my MICRA a Nissan Almera Radiator, Alloy Pipes, Hoses (including Reducer hoses worth £30.oo) and Upper Support (comes with 1 High Note & 1 Low Note Horns). Will also include the lower radiator supports which I have refurbished as they were a bit rusted up. Can Supply some...
  11. pjg1979

    [SOLD] Western Digital 250GB External HardDrive £50.oo Posted ono

    Literally bought this nearly 2 weeks ago hoping it would work with my XBOX360 instead of the official XBOX harddrive, but no. Bought it for £36.99 as you can see on this ebay listing Click Here if your asking why I'm selling for £50.oo posted it because there is 57.6gb of MP3 music on there...
  12. pjg1979

    K11 Keyless Entry & Central Locking Removal?

    Does anybody know how easy it is to remove the central locking system from a Facelift Micra? I'm thinking of removing it from my Micra as it's going to be scrapped in about 2 weeks. I've got 2 spare keys where I can remove the fobs. Would this an easy job? Would people be interested in...
  13. pjg1979

    K11 Facelift Parts For Sale or the whole thing for £300.oo 1.4 Activ.

    Hello everyone, well after a long and hard decisions it's finally time to part with my Micra so I have a list of parts for sale before he goes. All items are Or Nearest Offer (ONO) non of the items include P&P. CAR GOING SUNDAY 10th APRIL @ 5:30PM NOW Set of 5 13" SpeedLine Alloys, 4 of...
  14. pjg1979

    Micra Running hot (according to gauge)

    Hello everyone I need a little help and advice about my Micra. Ever since I have fitted my radiator to my micra after 5 minutes of running the temperature gauge is just below RED. I have emptied and refilled the system twice in the past but still having the same result. The car did...
  15. pjg1979

    K10, K11 & K12 Overview idea (stolen lol)

    Just an idea for each of the Micra Shapes, I saw this link off another club I'm with. If you look at this link and highlight some of the words on the right certain sections show up on the Landrover 101. Just thought it could be good to have a...
  16. pjg1979

    Early Christmas Present

    My wifes friend popped round on Sunday as she was looking after our son while we we're getting ####ed the night before, lol. And she said I could open one of my presents early, so I thought hmm okay opened it and it was a Cartooned Micra whe hey well chuffed.(Y)
  17. pjg1979

    Never Let Your Brother Inlaw Drive Your MX5 on a Track Day, lol. The person driving this was my best man at my wedding, luckily I don't own an MX5 for him to crash, lol. Also not much damage afterwards suprisingly.
  18. pjg1979

    For Sale - Diagnostic & Tune-Up Engine Analyser £10 Posted

    I have for sale a Diagnostic & Tune-Up Engine Analyser with original box, as far as I'm aware it's never been used, once again I have aquired this from my father who was having a clearout, I don't have a use for this. The Anaylser has 5 settings: Point, Volt, Amp, Dwell & Tach. Box...
  19. pjg1979

    FS - Tachostrobe Xenon/RPM Timing Light £10 Posted

    I have for sale a Gunsons Tachostrobe Xenon/R.P.M. Timing Light, Prismatic Indicator, Two Function Trigger, Clear RPM Setting Scale, RPM Scale Adjustment, Runs off 240v AC, Full Instructions, Universal H/T connector for between plug and lead. Also there isn't a box. My father had given me...
  20. pjg1979

    5 x 13" Speedline Alloys (Renault 5) 4x100 PCD part exchange.

    Thinking about having Banded Steelies instead of my Alloys so they're up Part Exchange. 5 x 13" Speedline Alloys & Tyres. 4 x Original Covers. I'm looking for a Set of Standard Micra 14" Steelies to go back to. (If banded already then a straight swap no part-ex) The tread isn't too...