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  1. pjg1979

    Project March ANK11 4x4 GTiR

    4x4 micra here, lol.
  2. pjg1979

    Hoopdub's '99 K11 agent AP0

    This is an excellent blog, working in a scrap yard must be ace! Keep up the good work ;). You could be a good contact for Micra parts as well if you get many in. I do like a blog with lots of pictures, have you got the alloys on yet?
  3. pjg1979

    Welcome to the new forum software!

    Ignore that last one, just being an idiot over here. But definatley better.:cool:
  4. pjg1979

    Welcome to the new forum software!

    The New Site looks ace, but where can I find: Micras for sale and Other Sales. Games? (you can get games from Thanks Phil
  5. pjg1979

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    Congratulation Chris, 2 mags very impressive.
  6. pjg1979

    Project mikey

    Keep up the good work, I used to have a MIcra called Mikey as well, lol. Fitting the Steering wheel is easy, K10 Boss Kits also fit the K11.
  7. pjg1979

    Project March ANK11 4x4 GTiR

    This car is looking great, keep up the good work(Y). It's going to be one BEASTgrr of a MICRA!:k11motors
  8. pjg1979

    North East Members Anyone There?

    I'm still here no Micra though but I do have a Fiat Seicento. :down:
  9. pjg1979

    [SOLD] Almera Radiator to Fit K11 with Hoses & Upper Support, £30.oo for £40.oo Posted.

    Can't remember what almera is was from got it from a scrappy, the Upper Support (including Horns) will be £15.oo posted (CITYLINK).
  10. pjg1979

    [SOLD] Almera Radiator to Fit K11 with Hoses & Upper Support, £30.oo for £40.oo Posted.

    I only have the radiator and upper support (with horns), lower supports you can use the original Micra radiator ones, hose reducers I got from Fusion Motorsport.
  11. pjg1979

    Seb black 1.0 devil car

    I know the feeling Seb, when my Micra went to car heaven in the sky.
  12. pjg1979

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    Sort of like this, might require a scooby type scoop? Just an idea.
  13. pjg1979

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    Chris I suppose you couldn't do me a favour and put the intercooler onto of the air box so I can see how big it is? just an idea to see how big it is and would it fit their instead of the front bumper area? Cheers Phil
  14. pjg1979

    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    It's been 14 days and no updates, couldn't believe I had to scroll near the bottom of the page to find your Blog. What's Happening?
  15. pjg1979

    K11 project

    PenYo, have your removed all of the Fuses for the Air Bag? I think there is more than one if I remember rightly. Looks great though (Y). Have you wired up your horn? Also if you still have your old steering wheel, what I did I managed to prise the Nissan Badge out of the steering wheel to use...
  16. pjg1979

    K11 project

    lol, those were the days. I made a perspex keyring when I was at school and a clock. Looking good Peposhi, it'll take some doing to get it clear again. You could put a little LED at the bottom with them shining upwards through the perspex?
  17. pjg1979

    mckenzie's G#

    Lucky Git... Thats all I have to say anyway.
  18. pjg1979

    OMG what have you done to your page, n' how?

    OMG what have you done to your page, n' how?
  19. pjg1979

    Boosted SR20DET K11 Micra

    Quality Car, will have to re-read tonight as I'm getting a lot of Bandwidth exceeded.