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  1. Zazee

    GA16 clutches...

    Hi, I'm hoping to go down the route of installing a GA16 clutch in my cg13 turbo, I understand I will need a fly wheel from a ga16. But I can't seem to find any ga16 Almera parts near me, but I can find some Primeras with GA16 engines. Does anybody know if the Almera 1.6 and Primera 1.6 fly...
  2. Zazee

    Wanted: Nistune and Upgrade clutch

    Hi, As above, looking for a Nistune preface K11 ECU, Also looking at upgraded clutches, any for sale or recommendations for good ones? For a cg13 with 180mm Thanks
  3. Zazee

    Prefacelift Manifold and Cat

    Anyone have a cheap Manifold with the first car attached? Can just be the cat on its own if any one has it. My old ones bolts are seized up on the cat and Cba to drill out, so if anyone has one ready to be bolted up, I'd be interested ! Thanks Sent from my Nexus 6P using Micra Sports Club...
  4. Zazee

    JDM wooden style Centre console

    Fancy wooden style centre console surround for pre facelift £25 + postage
  5. Zazee

    FK Automotive Rear Shock Absorbers

    FK Rear Shock Absorbers for K11. Never been installed. Should help reduce bouncy ride! £25 ono + postage cheers :)
  6. Zazee

    Adjustable panhard rod

    As above - needed ASAP!
  7. Zazee

    Hesitant acceleration - Lambda?

    I have been trying to figure out why my car feels a little hesitant when trying to pick up speed for a while now. It's only slightly noticeable but I can feel it. I changed the distributor, dizzy and leads and it's still there. I had been suspecting the lambda sensor for a while so I decided...
  8. Zazee

    Wanted: Dashpod Prefacelift Cupholders

    As above - Dashpod wanted :) Cheers
  9. Zazee

    Non-Nats ECU needed asap

    Looking for a non Nats ECU as soon as possible. Any for sale? I need to save my car :( Cheers
  10. Zazee

    JDM rear lights

    Any one have these wanting to get rid? Please :(
  11. Zazee

    SR/SuperS Rear Mudflaps fit on Facelift?

    Hey guys, Does anybody know of the SR rear mudflaps fit on a first facelift k11 rear bumper? The facelift SI has the same mudflaps as the preface SR but is it the same fitment? Would be greatly appreciated if someone knows/check if they fit :) Cheers
  12. Zazee

    LHD (European) Rear Light N/S Left

    Looking for a rear left light N/S from a prefacelift european left hand drive K11. The one that does not have a reverse light. Like this. CHeers :)
  13. Zazee

    Stiff gear stick when moved left and right?

    Hi Since I've owned my car I knew the spring to keep the gear stick centered in neutral is broken. I've taken the spring off completely now. The problem is that the gear stick feels abnormally stiff to move left and right when in neutral. Any one know why that could be? I haven't bothered...
  14. Zazee

    apillar tweeter connection and rear speaker?

    Hey guys, Quick question since I gonna be getting my hands on some pillar tweeters for my car, where is the cable on the car and what does it look like? Or will I just need to wire it up my self? Also I found this cable at the back. I'm assuming its he rear parcel shelf speaker connection...
  15. Zazee

    Can't join MSC Facebook group?

    Hey guys I did a join request to be part of the MSC Facebook group a while ago and seems like I am not getting accepted in to it haha Anyone one know how to get me in? ;) Cheers :)
  16. Zazee

    Rear Headrests

    I might be able to get my hands on some rear headrests for my Micra. I was wondering, would Ibneed the entire rear seats and headrest or could I just mod the headrests on to my currents rear seats? Lol Thanks.
  17. Zazee

    White driver side o/s front wing (facelift)

    Need a new wing for my white Micra facelift. Mines rusted :(. If by any chance someone is breaking a white facelift I would be interested in the wing :) Thanks
  18. Zazee

    What is this connector?

    Anybody know what this is? It was taped up near the brake fluid container. I bet its something obvious but I haven't a clue haha.
  19. Zazee

    2nd Facelift head lights 2000-2002 models

    Looking for a pair of 2nd facelift head lights for a decent price. :) Like these. Cheers
  20. Zazee

    My White Micra K11 (1st Car)

    Hello guys. I recently got a 1998 White 1.0l Micra k11 which I'll be learning to drive in and hoping to keep after I pass my driving test. I got the inspiration to get a Micra from my brother, Sulur (who was a well known member on here :p). Now that he doesn't own a micra any more, I need to...