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  1. peposhi

    Show your alloy/steel wheels here

    Hey, guys I thought it would be nice to have a thread where anyone could post a picture of his car's alloy or steel wheels. I'm sure we would see a wide range of bog standard to very posh or weird examples :) Please, add a sort description... model, size, tyre... anything you want to share :cool:
  2. peposhi

    Prodrift Ireland 27.05.2012

    Hey, guys, I went to Punchestown last Sunday. The was a drift show with some great crack. Went there at 12 and unfortunately had to leave at 4pm just before the 1/4 finals. Weather was fantastic, very, very hot, got sunburned, my friends even worse lol Here some pics from the event...
  3. peposhi

    Not a Nissan but still a beauty...

  4. peposhi

    FS: Central console panel and OEM rear shelf speakers

    Hey, guys I have for sale some bits someone may be interested in: 1. Central console panel. Used for some project, but never finished it. Hope you may use it for your own project. Looking for 10 GBP p&p included. 2. Rear shelf OEM speakers. In good nick, working fine, come with...
  5. peposhi

    Anyone wants to swap wheels with mine?

    Hey, guys Getting bored with my 15's OZ Power Black. It's just a thought, nothing definite yet... I wonder if someone wants do a swap or swap +/- cash mine or your side. Now bad things first: *I hit a kerb a year and a half a go( did not have to do anything with the wheel, checked in a local...
  6. peposhi

    Door Mirrors with LED Side Repeaters for LHD Micra

    Hi, guys Have a set of new door mirrors with LED side repeaters for a LHD Nissan Micra for sale. I bought them off here: As you can see they have been advertised as for a...
  7. peposhi

    Alternative way to brighten up you dials

    Here's what a friend of mine from the Bulgarian Micra forum has done to brighten up his K11 dials: Before the intervention: Work in progress Set to a low level brightness High level brightness The end result And the controller positioning Enjoy
  8. peposhi

    Nissan Mitsuoka for sale in Ireland

    Just spotted that and decided to share:
  9. peposhi

    Pollen filter for K11 March

    Hi, lads I'm after a pollen filter for my baby. Mine is with two compartments, not the same as the European Micra one which is a whole piece ... Motor factor's around don't have it. Main dealer is still to get back to me... Checked Ebay - nothing... Any ideas?
  10. peposhi

    How much should I offer for these?

    Lads, I need your opinion here. I got offered an EDGE Sub and Amp, second hand. New, the sub/amp pack would be in the region of 110£... Does it worth the money? Should I offer 50 or even :laugh: lower...
  11. peposhi

    Someone's braking a K11 in Dublin, plenty of Nismo bits Just spotted it... Someone might be interested.
  12. peposhi

    Nissan BG stickers for free

    Hey, lads I've got 4 stickers (sick on the insde of the window) to give away. Wonder what's written? ..Club Bulgaria.. Anyone interested?
  13. peposhi

    1.3 cams in a 1.0L engine... How to do it?

    Hi, guys I've decided to fit 1.3 cams in my 1.0L engine. I searched and found many discussions but not a guide how to actually do it. Do you think, I would be able to do it by myself following your guidance? Once done I'd gladly share with you and everyone intending to do it some pics...
  14. peposhi

    [SOLD] JAE ticket with 2 BBQs for sale - only 25£

    Hi, lads As some of you may know unfortunately I wont be able to attend this years JAE. My ticket is up for sale. You pay 25£, you get a ticket and 2 BBQs included worth more than 35£(Paypal charge included) Only Paypal payments accepted. PM me for details. Once payed I will make...
  15. peposhi

    Sad news, ticket for sale

    :down: Lads, after all the time and efforts to get my car ready for JAE and come to meet you all, Micra maniacs, I have some sad news. I can not travel to England and attend the show I was preparing and waiting impatiently for a whole year :down:. Family reasons. No need to explain what most...
  16. peposhi

    Is this welder any good?

    Lads, I have no knowledge to decide if this welder is good or not. It's pretty cheap though: I wouldn't need it for anything heavy, only for a home use, small car projects. It's cheap, but on the other hand, you get...
  17. peposhi

    Spotted crashed Micras

    It seems to be plenty of crashed Micras out there. I suppose mainly because being driven by drivers who are still learning... You can post here whatever damaged Micras you see around you every day :) For example, this one was spotted yesterday: ...felt sooo sorry for her :(
  18. peposhi

    Aaarrgh... help with fog lights install needed

    Lads, I dismantled the whole front of the car to fit the JDM fogs, just to find out that I have f*(^&*)(&^g grr lost the guide for cutting holes on bumper !!! Anyone who can help me with it? :down::down::down: Pictures, samples, examples, guides? Otherwise has to be a DIY mayhem ffs. Not...
  19. peposhi

    JDM legends video

    A bit of heaven:
  20. peposhi

    Spotted: Frosted K11 rear lamps for sale in Dublin

    I spotted today these: Some breaker has them for sale in Dublin.