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  1. will930

    JAE 2016 Ticket Thread

    Put me down for full weekend and full set of bbqs master James!
  2. will930

    JAE 2015 Stand List | Post Here if you're coming!

    about to buy ticket and a plus 1!
  3. will930

    JAE 2015 Stand List | Post Here if you're coming!

    ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME +1 and Corolla
  4. will930

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    Are we able to get the video up of pauls foul play?
  5. will930

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    #pollyp how do you manage to have a massivle smile on your face all the time? Its great!
  6. will930

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    Thanks for n overall great weekend, good to see you all again! Welldone to james for organising a well run stand again this year, and joe for some great cooking! Looking forward to next year with a lkt less antics
  7. will930

    1x jae ticket plus 2 bbqs for sale. 40ono

    My other half wont be coming now, so I hzve a ticket up for grabs! Im asking to rrp price call or text on 07588867645 I dont come here often
  8. will930

    '88 Rolla Gti

    Id finally gotten round to fitting better speakers than original in the front of the corolla, hwever at any decent volume i was getting alot of crackle and the it was the speaker cone hitting the speaker grill in front as it sat at an anlg edue to being a heavier and slightly bigger speaker so...
  9. will930

    '88 Rolla Gti

    A delayed part 2! Im pretty rubbish at this updating malarky arent i? Haha owell in this part i shall cover the roof repaint section which happened just after i returned the car to the road! So firstly the old screen was removed The main reason the screen was removed was this rust around the...
  10. will930

    JAE 2014 - Discussion Thread!

    Whys it so much more expensivethis year im sure it was 25 last few years
  11. will930

    '88 Rolla Gti

    Right let's kick things off, I haven't done any updates for so long now I have a ton of pictures and let's to catch up on! So let's look back to last summer when I was on my holidays in he lake district enjoying the roads and other stuff so have some arty rubbish pics of the old girl...
  12. will930

    Onboard POV Car Videos
  13. will930

    bhp show individual show car and track time

    Hi, due to unforseen circumstances I wont be able to attend the show this year, I have an entry ticket for car and driver, which will enable your car to be on display in the show, passengers are extra at the gate and two lots of intermediate track time at 10.30am and 2pm that if you so wish...
  14. will930

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    drove a k13 one with 3 cylinders... seemed to shift better than my old k11, auto too and nice to swift along in!
  15. will930

    JAE 2014 Stand List - Post here if you're coming!

    Will930, toyota corolla gti-16 ae92 :)
  16. will930

    Yes and I think the ecu it has in it is the one that can be mapped, give ed at fusion motorsport...

    Yes and I think the ecu it has in it is the one that can be mapped, give ed at fusion motorsport a call, I believe he is shut for 2 weeks
  17. will930

    Chapter 2... Micra Dot Rising To The Top

    I cant personslly remember how mine was done but just the basic set up, originally I had micra top mounts on them and as frsnk mentioned it nearly wore through and made one hell of a clatter all the time, so I got another set and used corsa top mounts and simply put them together as frank has...