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  1. roadstermatt

    rear disc conversion

    any ideas what opitions i have or is it purely find a k11 rear axle with discs on it ?? only ask caus ive seen some primera rear calipers that are cheap and it got me thinking!!
  2. roadstermatt

    wanted 1.3 cams

    any one in the Coventry / surrounding area got a cheap set of 1.3 cams that I could collect in an afternoon this week ?
  3. roadstermatt

    wanted expansion tank 1999 1.0 micra

    after an expansion tank if any ones got a good one kicking about I believe the part number is 21710-4f110
  4. roadstermatt

    over flow tank coolant system

    hi Just discovered mines going brittle its a v reg 1.0 face lift manual my question is are all k11 overflow tanks the same?? seen this on e-bay...
  5. roadstermatt

    pictures from ppc in the park 2013
  6. roadstermatt

    mot test due soon quick question

    I the good old days if you took the car in early for a test and it failed you still could rely on the balance of the old test is this still the case ? or is it now with these electronic ones once it's failed its failed??
  7. roadstermatt

    money no object what micra would you build

    (sorry if this has already been done if so merge this) ok you won the lottery big time and money to burn you still need a micra in your life right? so what are you going to bulld or have built?? i have loads of ideas but heres my first Base March Box k11 Drive Train Pulsar gtir (tuned)...
  8. roadstermatt

    this is a bit addictive and look for i love traffic
  9. roadstermatt

    look what i found on e-bay

    found this and i ordered one tonight with the car in yellow
  10. roadstermatt

    k11 inspiration mod questions

    hi just got a k11 inspiration quick couple of questions 1) the side rubbing strips are they just stuck on or is there retaining holes in the body 2) any one know where i can get wider deep dish steel wheels and id so whow much are they