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    Micra not starting

    My friends 96 micra recently stopped starting. I'm wondering if its a temp related issue. My 95 micra did this many years ago. Only way to get it started is to remove the fuel pump fuse, but its not a 100% reliable method. Any ideas?
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    sunroof won't close

    as above, sister's micra. The sunroof got stuck from the slideback position as closing, her other half forced the handle and now it spins freely. Any ideas how to close it?
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    Houses are so expensive!

    Just about finished getting furniture for my house, but blimey, how expensive?! Luckily, I have the most amazing girlfriend :). Still, now im super broke :|
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    Ebay - very clean k11 How clean?!?! At least in the pictures, if i were 150 mile closer id go see that.
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    Are 1.3's getting rare

    Way back when when I had my first, second, third micra etc. Getting a 1.3 K11 was easy, anywhere in the country, walk out your door, trip over and you land on a 1.3 K11 for sale. Now I'm looking at some for my project (not planning to buy for a while so don't paste links) and there seems to be...
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    Turboing a K11

    I know a lot of you won't know me now, but I've been lurking.. Anyway, I'm about to move into my own home and I have a garage in this new place. So I've been thinking about projects and what to buy. Looking at all sorts. Then I thought "hmm K10 ST". However, fat chance finding one. So I'm...
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    rear hub removal

    Is the nut ont he rear hub reverse thread? I've got my sisters car in bits to do the shoes, seems it'll be easier to remove the hub.
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    Anyone been in a CTR?

    I'm considering getting a Civic type R early january. Anyone ever been in one? Or better yet drove one? I'm not expecting blistering performance, its going to be slower then my current car, but im really sick of maintaining a 15 year old jap car. What are they like for comfort? Space for...
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    I need a car with a big boot

    I was thinking about this....
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    k11 haynes

    Anyone got an old haynes they want rid of?
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    5 Door micra

    My parents are looking for a 5 door k11 micra. The later reg the better. If you know of any gimme a shout. Ian edit: In the NE area, my dad won't travel to see a car.
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    one fast golf!

    And i mean FAST!
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    Advice, new video card

    Need a new video card, need some help, but i have 3 requirements. 1. Must be AGP. 2. Must be low profile 3. Must be from a decent retailer, i don't want some $rand website from google that no one has used before. optional 4th, Nvidia card please! I'm hoping something one of you guys use that...
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    Other makes blogs

    Can we have a section for non micra blogs? They are all over the place now :s
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    Fog Light usage

    226 You MUST use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced, generally when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). You may also use front or rear fog lights but you MUST switch them off when visibility improves It's amazing how many people are unaware/ignorant/idiots about...
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    limits on car modifcation thoughts?
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    google street view

    Anyone's area/house been done? Can you see your car? Any other interesting sights? Mine's not been done yet, but i think its an awesome idea.
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    How typical

    I'm off work for a week, and my xbox RRoD's on me. No doubt i'll get it back the last day of my holiday :|
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    IT questing (image cloning)

    What do you guys use for image cloning? At my place we are using a USB stick to read/write images too. very slow when its about 4gb. At my old place it was over the network. Both times its been nortan ghost 7.0. Which is very old now. what do you guys use? does it have any nice features...
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    Been looking at BMC CDA's. Am i balls paying that much for an airbox. On one of my cars, i used a plant pot with a hole cut in for a heatshield. However i want to try and use something else. Make up some end caps to have it enclosed and use a cold air feed. Anyone got any idea's what i...