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  1. Gurpreet

    Confused about stereo ISO

    don't forget to add an Earth!
  2. Gurpreet

    Best Monitor?

    *rubs hands with glee* cheers can you raise the level on the dell or is the height fixed? the problem with the gnr was you could only tilt it back and fourth but could not adjust height so I had to waste money on a monitor storage tray to raise it...
  3. Gurpreet

    Best Monitor?

    The GNR 15" LCD has done me well for 6 years but its time to upgrade... go bigger, sharper and wider.. I brought an Acer 22" from PC World but returned it.. it lacked clarity and the colours just seemed to have no depth. If that makes sense. So what do I get? The budget is £200-350 The...
  4. Gurpreet

    Tyres? Wheel tracking??

    standard steelys.. hmmm ive only cornered hard twice.. surely thats not enough to take all that rubber off... but thanks.. yeh i shall go ahead with it.. someone was saying the 'camber' may be out.. dunno what they ment
  5. Gurpreet

    Amped speakers hum / whistle

    I skimmed the thread so sorry if I double post... are you running power and rca together i.e. do the wires run in a group down one track or seperately?.. Id try put one set down one side of the car.. and the other down the other side..
  6. Gurpreet

    Tyres? Wheel tracking??

    Basically I noticed today that my front tyres are worn from the outter edges... the rest of the tyre is fine and has sufficient depth but the outside edges have worn badly... come on... what needs adjusting?? and how much am I looking at? kwik fit job? thank youuuuuu
  7. Gurpreet

    Reverse polarity - are my electrics knackered?

    check/replace all fuses and get a fresh battery??
  8. Gurpreet

    Car Just Stops

    check gearbox oil too... low or no oil can trigger sensors to shut down the car check petrol sensor too... could be intermittment... hook it up and read the fault codes basically.. and let us know..
  9. Gurpreet

    automatic gearbox oil

    I'm going to guess around 2.5 litres... but make sure you change gears... you'll note when the gear is in D... level goes up... in P it appears low... check R too... as you don't want to over fill... the Haynes Manual is quite good on how to go about it. Worth getting one!
  10. Gurpreet

    K11 Micra Alarm / Remote Central Locking

    if you simply want to add r/c/l then you can grab most the bits you need from Maplin electronics e.g. the motors. If you already have r/c/l then you only need a remote kit... I thoroughly recommend the Toad RK30... I have fitted that to 3 of my cars so far.
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    the missus brought the box set.. i shall watch it tnite
  12. Gurpreet

    Two monitors off one PC?

    Is it possible and how... I want to use the two screens seperately... and be more productive... like type on one and have my iTunes open on the other etc. Or type on one and work on a spread sheet on the other one etc. I know there are Y splitter cables... but Ive been reading around and a lot...
  13. Gurpreet

    Estate car recommendations...

    cheers guys but i missed those ones off the list as they didnt come to mind at the time.. it was early morning at my work desk.. coffee in hand.. anyway we went for the skoda fabia estate... cheers
  14. Gurpreet

    CVT Brushes pics for you...

    ^he's right... I'm only realising now how poorly the CVT boxes are made... proper boxes have 1, 2, 3 to select as well as D... I opened my leaking gbox and it fell apart.. once open it is a mission and a half to get the steel belt/plates set and adjusted... a few general rules to look after...
  15. Gurpreet

    cold air induction kit

    i bumped a thread for ya
  16. Gurpreet

    Engine stalled yesterday while driving...

    it did it again yesterday... and this time we hooked up the comp to the gbox... the gbox was near dry... it has had a slow leak... this meant the electronic comps and sensors shut down the car to prevent wear and tear... so topped up the cvt fluid but this time the leak was worse... have a spare...
  17. Gurpreet

    Operating systems

    Linux... so many availabe and the one to go for is Ubuntu... its free and pretty good!
  18. Gurpreet

    Estate car recommendations...

    Hey guys and girls, I'm trying to help my work colleague pick out an estate car... his budget is about £3,000 and would prefer a mileage under 80,000 Anyway... Vauxhall and Peugeot are out of the question... so my thoughts were: - Skoda Octavia Estate - Volkswagen Polo/Passat Est. - Ford...