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    waterpump & powersteering belt

    So after faffing about trying to get the damaged belt off and reading a few posts on here I succeeded... My issue now is that the PSA pulley doesn't move enough to get the new belt (4PK725) over both the water pump pulley and the PSA pulley from the crank. Any ideas?
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    This sounds expensive & time consuming...

    Any ideas what this could be? Sods law that it happens when I need to drive somewhere tomorrow.
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    Brake Hose Circlips

    Can I just use any? The ones I pulled off are knackered :)
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    Brake line MOT failure help

    So my wee Micra has just failed its MOT on brake lines with excessive corrosion on the lines themselves and ferules going to the flexis and the garage quoted... £543.62 to fix it. Am I missing something here or is this not excessively pricey?
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    Rattle on bumbs

    I can't for the life of me figure out where this is coming from. When I go over bumps there is a weird rattle from the back of the car, can't tell if its internal / external. Any idea?
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    Meant to be driving to Liverpool this weekend and rear brakes lines are ####ed and need to put in new pistons as the nipples are shot. I know the copper pipe is 6mm but does anyone know the connection size?
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    Anyone near Manchester / Liverpool with parts to sell?

    Driving down to Merseyside this weekend to rehome my mom’s cat and hoping I can actually get something out of the trip ie collect some parts if any are going. Ideally wrap around spoiler and fog lights but also just asking generally.
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    Break caliper brand

    Going to pick up a set of brake calipers for one of the K11s and just wondering if there are any manufacturers to specifically avoid?
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    The Micra of questionable choices

    After the giant ball ache that was me collecting parts for my brother they're now all mine so I should probably do something with them. Figured I should probably start a blog of sorts even if its just to keep track of what I've done. I have one sub 40k 2002 1.0L Tempest. One 60k 1.4L coil...
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    Quick lunchtime question

    Picked up a 1.4 last week and hoping someone can quickly tell me what sized bolts I need to mount it on an engine stand? I can check when I get home and remove the transmition but figured it was worth an ask as i’d then be able to pick them up over lunch.
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    Parts Suppliers Recomendation

    So my younger brother is wanting to try his hand at rally driving and I figured since we have three k11s kicking about in pretty good nick we could make one work. It won't be that much different from the 2&4 stoke marine diesels I spend all year working on I told myself... It turns out that...
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    Wanted: ECU for 1.4 k11

    Bought a 1.4 engine and transmition but they’d already sold the ecu so looking for one if anyone is breaking a 1.4 or has one spare.
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    Wire on passenger seatbelt

    Collecting an engine & transmission tomorrow for a 1.4 (among other things) and have taken out the passenger side seat to fit it all in. Last time I did this I got pulled over for having the seatbelt still in (which doesn't quite add up with what I'd read but whatever) so this time I've removed...
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    Engine swap insurance

    Just wondering how much people who've swapped a 1.4 into a 2002 1.0 are paying? Comparison website tells me they value the car at £395 and then say they want £1382 for insurance!
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    Automatic engine conversion

    Have the potential to buy a 1.3 for my brother's k11 however it seems to be coming from an automatic and would be going into a manual. Just wondering what would be required for this as last time I did this on a car it required modifications to the flywheel and engine bay among other things. I'm...
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    Compressor Modification?

    Wasn't exactly sure where to ask this but I figure someone on here will probably be able to spot any gaping holes in the plan that I've missed... I recently picked up a new compressor without taking into consideration the noise (and subsequently pissed off neighbours) so I'm looking to modify...
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    Brake upgrade

    Anyone know what / where best to pick up a set of calipers for 13s, e.g. Almera N15 seems to have been recommended in the past? Just picked up a set of alloys for my brothers k11. Not a huge fan of Ebay as had dodgy car parts in the past but if anyone recommends a seller I'll take a look :) Cheers
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    Strange break light problem

    So after replacing both my rear break lights yesterday now when I push my break the dipped headlights come on... anyone knows what’s gone on here? Edit: Should probably add the breaks do work now though!
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    Questions re rocker cover gasket

    so my brothers rocker cover was leaking and I told him that it’s not hard to replace... my mistake for assuming common sense, he’s just forced it on after smothering it with sealant. Just got some pictures and he’s used the wrong gasket (doesn’t match up with engine profile on my car which is...
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    General boltiness

    Hoping someone could help me out with general bolt info for a k11 i.e. anywhere I could find a list of sizes, thread info etc. I have 3 micras to do odd jobs on over the next few months, other than high tensile, grade 8.8+, what should I be grabbing if I want a box of spares to keep in the...