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  1. Ryan Poynton

    K11 ECU to GA16 Help

    This is not strictly K11 help but it does include a K11 ECU. I've recently been having problems with my GA16 powered K10, I have many reasons to believe it is immobilised by NATS. So earlier on I bought a Pre-NATS K11 ECU after having been told you can run a GA16 on one. But I'm also aware...
  2. Ryan Poynton

    Anyone in or near West Midlands wanna help me roll my arches?

    I'm on 7Js with 175s and I'm not the lowest car in the world but my tyres rub on the arches quite often, it's not constant but when going over bumps and stuff I do. I don't want to flare them out or make them wider, all that needs to be done is folding up the inner ledge, that would sort it...
  3. Ryan Poynton

    KYB Sport Shocks with Spax 40mm Springs

    I was thinking of buying KYB Sport Shocks with Spax 40mm Springs for my K10. Any opinions on how these would look, how low it takes it. Or anyone got any pictures of something sitting on these, just wanna see how it looks?
  4. Ryan Poynton

    My K10

    Been on this forum for a couple months now but haven't bothered putting up a thread of my K10 so here it is. Bought it back in August with 51k on the clock. My mate drove me 130 Miles down to London in his K10 to buy it. MINE IS THE RED ONE. This is the first picture of it 10 minutes...
  5. Ryan Poynton

    K10 Starmags.

    I want some starmags that will fit my K10. I'm not completely sure what will fit, at the moment I know I want 13'' wheels, I'm thinking 6 x 13 or 7 x 13 depending on what fits, I know I want 55 wall tyres, not sure what width, I want to lower my car with the 35mm springs, but don't want the...
  6. Ryan Poynton

    Gearbox help needed.

    So, my car judders when I pull off, and it kinda has a hard time pulling off sometimes and it can barely make hill starts. I got a bloke round to change my clutch because that's what my Dad thought it was, but the guy said that it's the gearbox seals inside the box, not the drive shaft seals...
  7. Ryan Poynton

    Wheels Advice Please.

    So I wanna wack some Starmags on my K10. In January I'm gonna put it on the standard 35mm lowering springs, then put some Starmags on, I'm thinking 13'' with 155/50 x 13. Was just wondering is anyone with some experience has any advice on any problems it might have, any different sizes, how...