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  1. micra 2000

    ignition keys

    hi we bought in december a micra with only one key and the nissan dealer told us that they would get a replacement key from nissan,its nearly 1 month since we bought the car but dont have a spare key yet the reason for this is that nissan have a back order on the keys which i really dont believe...
  2. micra 2000

    nissan connect

    how do you activate the nissan connect,i have been given some instructions from nissan and they say to press the setup button and go into the info menu then registration but i dont have a info button there, our model has the sd card at the lower right corner the newer models have it in the top...
  3. micra 2000

    nissan connect sd card

    hi is there an easy way to back up the sd card with the nissan nav on it i have tried to do it on my pc but it has taken 11hrs plus to do less than 3/4's of it thanks for any advice
  4. micra 2000

    acenta with sat nav

    can anyone tell me if the sat nav system has a rca video in on the back of it as i would like to connect a rear view camera to it. we only collect the car on monday its a 2013 model thanks in advance
  5. micra 2000

    hello again

    just a quickie to say hello again ,its been a couple of years since i last came on here as we went to toyota but now i'm back as i've bought a 2013 micra for my partner for christmas. since the last time i was on the forum we now have a 14mth baby as well so the micra is more practical for kath...
  6. micra 2000

    bye bye micra

    kaths had her 1ltr cvt micra for just over a year now and its been a great car to drive ,over the last couple of days i have decided to buy her a newer car and today i have bought one for her, another jap car its a 2009 toyota Aygo 1 ltr auto so on friday she will take ownership of it,great fuel...
  7. micra 2000

    cvt boxes

    i've been to a scrappy today and found a pre facelift k11 with an cvt box would this box fit on our facelift micra ours is 1ltr but i dont know if the other one is a 1.3ltr,the gear shift is the same as ours with d and ds i only want it as a spare cos as you know a failed cvt box can write a...
  8. micra 2000


    yesterday we bought 4 new tyres its not the brand i buy for mine but we thought we'd try them, the make is tigar (part of viking) sigura 155/70/13 t and surprisingly they seem to be a really good tyre the road noise has been reduced by such a lot and they feel pretty grippy as well and the...
  9. micra 2000

    daytime running lights

    today the drl's finally turned up been waiting for a while for them. i fitted them this morning where the front fog lights normally go it took me 2 hrs to fit them as i like to have all wiring looking like it was originally there,the drl's have to be wired so they come on with the ignition and...
  10. micra 2000

    power steering

    is there an easy way to drain the power steering fluid as i want to change the fluid in the morning, i am hoping there is a drain plug on the pump but i guess that would make life toooo easy. if not i will do it as i do normally ,remove pipe from reservoir drain the fluid from there then turn...
  11. micra 2000


    kath past her driving test yesterday 1st time and i have now informed her insurance company, her insurance has now gone up £66 because she is driving by herself absolutely madness as she has a 50cc scooter thats she's been riding for 7 years by herself so its nothing new to her being by herself
  12. micra 2000

    the mot ,what & how they check your car
  13. micra 2000

    dissy testing

    now the micra is ok i was trying to find the exact cause of the breakdown. the coil primary resistance is 0.9 ohm's (book 0.8 ohms) and the coil secondary resistance is 11.3k (book 1k) i know the secondary is out of spec but it isn't open circuit so would this be the no spark cause the other...
  14. micra 2000


    after problems today i now find it important to know what control what circuit by the dissy there is a relay box but ours doesn't have a label on the top to show what each of the blue relays operates could anyone post a pic of the relay cover many thanks
  15. micra 2000

    no spark

    our 2000 k11 1ltr cvt (pre coil packs)has just stopped working no probs going to the beach but car wouldn't start to come home had the AA out he checked the fuses there ok the fuel pump buzzs when ignition is turned on you can smell fuel so fuel is getting through to the plugs but no spark...
  16. micra 2000

    wheel suds

    are the front and rear wheel studs the same ?? on one of the service receipts it says that one wheel stud is damaged and could do with replacing if they are different then i will get one of each. thanks
  17. micra 2000


    last august i booked a holiday for june 2012 cant wait to go ,that was until today i've had a call off first choice and they have told me that the flight has been cancelled due to not enough bookings ,now i cant understand how they can say that, with there being 5 months until we should of flown...
  18. micra 2000

    aftermarket boot/fuel remote release fitting

    another mod for kaths k11 i decided to retro fit the original tailgate and fuel filler remote release cable to her car the problem that came across is on the donor car there was a 36mm hole with a rolled edge in the inner sill to accomodate the return spring for the release lever i didn't like...
  19. micra 2000

    nissan parts cat

    i found this web site the other day and thought it may be useful for others i wanted the cable operated boot lid and fuel flap release looked on here and saw exactly what parts i needed to source from a breakers nissan part numbers are also listed
  20. micra 2000

    rear wiper park mod

    changing park position on rear wiper thanks to ralph tyler for giving me some info anyway this is what i have done drill out the rivets that holds the cover on and remove cover you will see this also note the 4 holes in casing remove crank and it will look like this then...