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  1. benji_

    Central locking indicator signal

    Wondering if anyone knows which wire on the hazard switch to splice onto to flash the indicators, on an aftermarket central locking kit. If thats possible anyway, 1994 preface k11
  2. benji_

    Pollen filter?

    Does my 1994 k11 povospec (no ac) have a pollen filter? I thought all non ac k11s did but ive been told that mine doesnt. Its a tropic model.
  3. benji_

    K11 Preface Lambda Boss needed asap

    Lambda sensor is broken, so needed to replace but upon unscrewing it, the boss came with it and i cannot get them apart since its rust welded. Anyone know where i can get a lambda boss? Need it before monday as MOT. This image is from a spare manifold which i cant get the boss out. Cannot use...
  4. benji_

    Best lives for rev clock

    Just wondering where the best LIVE places to wire up to would be for an aftermarket tacho. Backlight and power. Already know where the signal and 2 grounds go. Thanks
  5. benji_

    Revclock cluster same speedo calibration as a non revclock cluster?

    My car is a 1994 1L Tropic / L with the black no rev counter gauges. i have some blue gauges with a revclock out of i think an SR model. Are the speedos calibrated the same on both. Thanks
  6. benji_

    Rear washer pump

    If im not mistaken the prefaces use 2 different pumps for the front and the rear washer jets, but when I search for a rear pump i find nothing but front pumps? Anyone can give me some help with this? Cars a 1994 Tropic / L model
  7. benji_

    SR cluster into '94 L

    Anyone have a wiring guide on how to wire in SR gauges into my 94 Tropic. I'm confident with soldering but have no idea when it comes to figuring out which wire goes where. The cluster has the plugs so all the snipped wires are there but I just don't know what goes to what. I don't have...
  8. benji_

    Rear washer jet not working.

    So the rear washer jet on my 1994 micra doesnt work, it never has done since I got it. To clarify, to turn it on, you do just twist the rear wiper switch towards you until it flicks back to the centre correct? The front jets work fine. Aswell as both wipers on the front, and the wiper on the...
  9. benji_

    N16 Almera Cupholders Bodged into a K11

    I was recently looking for some March cupholders to put into me Micra but after being offered them for £50, I had other ideas, the one I followed through on was putting some Almera cupholders in. They only cost me £10 off eBay and don't actually look that bad. First take the lower centre...
  10. benji_

    Wanted: Lower centre console with cup holders

    looking for one of these 1994 preface
  11. benji_

    How much paint required for rear bumper?

    How much paint (ml) on average is needed to paint a rear bumper? Thanks
  12. benji_

    Side indicator cap replacement

    How do you remove the side indicator cap off a preface? I'm guessing you have to remove the fender, how many bolts are there? I can see the few ontop but don't know where the rest are. Thanks.
  13. benji_

    Wanted, Super S F&R Bumpers in Red or White

    preferably red, but white will do as can paint easier
  14. benji_

    How do I remove the steering wheel cowl on a preface k11?

    Trying to get the gauge cluster out of my micra, think I may need to remove the cowl to get to a bolt as I believe I do not have the adjustment option, it is a 1994 tropic if that is of any help. I did some scowering and found this which I think is the bolt needed to be removed. What bolts hold...
  15. benji_

    Cluster Bolt Locations

    Ok, I am trying to remove my cluster on my 1994 Micra, I cant for the life of me figure out where the last bolt is (if there is one). I have gotten 3 out but the bezel wont come out. This is the bezel roof bolts I've gotten out: This is the left hand side of the steering wheel. No bolts taken...
  16. benji_

    Correct way of wiring a rev counter to a '94 1.0L K11

    Done some research of if it will fit yada yada. Understand that only 1.3s have the wires for a rev counter. (afaik) Does anyone have a diagram which tells me how to correctly wire it to the correct point on the distributor (I think) Or if it is possible to run wires from a 1.3 to where ever it...
  17. benji_

    Wanted: K11 SuperS dash cluster with Rev Counter

    ^ Picture from 1275 and Andy_S
  18. benji_

    Dash Cluster with rev counter

    I was wondering if anyone knows where it is possible to buy one of these? I don't want to have to buy an entire car in order to salvage one, or get one from a scrap yard, although that last one is probably what I'll do if I can't find one online. I saw this on gumtree (although its in...
  19. benji_

    benji_'s '94 Micra Tropic Build Log

    Heyo, Got this car from my Dad on boxing day, although its not a xmas present as he put it, just a gift. I was looking for one for a long time since I wanted a Tropic in red specifically, but none ever seem to go up for sale close by, I am on the south east (past Brighton) and he got it from...