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    K11 hubcaps

    Any good to anyone? £10 + £3.50 post? Ta!
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    M Reg K11 Super S in White - thinking of selling

    Hi, I'm pretty much decided I want to go VW TDi power for the next car so I'm considering letting the Super S go. 4 months Tax and Mot until August if I remember correctly. M Registration, 114k. The car is in no way immaculate but is a good runner, I use it most days, it does...
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    14" Clio Rsi Alloy wheels, with tyres - K11 direct fit

    Hi, apologies for the crap picture, I'll try and get some better pics asap. Forsale are a set of 14" Renault Clio Rsi wheels. They will fit straight onto to your K11, they came straight off mine. Painted black, centre caps not included. Tyres are x 2 185 65 R14 x 2 175 60...
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    MPG Improving!

    Sorry, another boring MPG thread.. but I am happy to report that I managed 400 miles out of the last tank in my Super S.. also when I went up to Mallory Park and back I managed 195 miles on EXACTLY £20 of fuel.. I'm pretty damn happy with that, standard supermarket unleaded as well. The long...
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    British Drift Championship - a stunning short film

    British Drift Championship (BDC) - a stunning short film by Stephen Brooks If ever you needed to see why the British Drift Championship is so popular, watch this stunning short film produced by Stephen Brooks, where he captures the scene, the mood and the excitement involved with the 2010...
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    Hi, I'm hoping for some advice. My k11 Super S is hunting quite a lot. The revs will drop down to 200RPM (TWO HUNDRED) and the battery light will flicker on on off, if I give it a quick rev it usually recovers but can keep on doing it.. this happens from cold and when the engine is...
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    k11 Wheel help

    Hi, just bought this over the weekend: First things first I need to get the wheels changed.. the tyres are all budget and the wheels are too thin for my liking. I'm after 13" or 14" and I will not be buying new. I need to know what wheels from other cars fit straight on ideally...
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    K11 performance parts - wheels and exhaust

    Hi, what have you got? Looking for any performance related parts for my 1995 Super S.. I dont want any turbo kits. I'm really after a good sports exhaust, manifold, lightened flywheel, susension and a decent set of 13" or 14" wheels, deepdish preferred. Please PM me Thanks ollie
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    K11 standard or modified

    Hi, I'm after a k11 for a daily runner. Needs to be local to herts/beds/bucks or North London. Standard or modified, would prefer a 1.3 but will consider 1.0ls. Must be a three door. Money waiting , please PM details. Thanks Ollie
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    March Super Turbo - Information?

    Far off in the back of my mind I seem to remember a very special edition twincharged (Turbo and supercharged) Micra. Am I right in thinking these existed? I presume they were JDM only? can anyone shed any light? Thanks Ollie Sky Insurance
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    Micra camper van..

    Hopefully not a re-post