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  1. .Maarten

    Facelift and 2nd facelift change milage

    I promised some people id translate the guide i made for the Dutch Micra club to English. So here it is. Its possible to change the milage of the digital clusters. Its easy to do and the tools are cheap. Do note i did this with a KM cluster instead of a Miles one. Requirements: Programmer...
  2. .Maarten

    CGA3DE Gearbox with GA16DE flywheel

    Seeing that my engine is almost ready im starting to collect stuff to swap it. While the engine is out i have a good opportunity to swap the gearbox if this is easy. I like the gearbox of a CGA3DE because it runs at lower RPM at highway speeds. But before i start collecting all the stuff and...
  3. .Maarten

    Need some explaining about corsa pistons in a cga3 with cg head

    Ive read some stuff about boring a cga3de bottom end to 72.5 and put corsa pistons in. Ive read somewhere this would give a compression of 8:1. I also read you could bolt a cg13 head to it so it would be ideal for a turbo swap for a 1.3. Is this correct? And if so from what engine do i need the...
  4. .Maarten

    K11 1.4 LHD wiring colours

    I want to install a defi hud in a LHD K11 2nd facelift. Can somebody tell me what the correct wire colours are? Would be nice if they're behind the clocks. I need the following wires: Illumination - Red / white? Perm 12V - ?? Switched 12V - ?? Ground - Black? Speed - Blue / yellow? RPM - Blue?