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  1. Kris C

    Any detailed build threads for an SR swap?

    Has anyone complete or not done a detailed thread for there build with good pics etc. I know there is a load of threads floating about but i havent seen anything in great detail.
  2. Kris C

    K11 JDM Taillight bulb holder

    I need a bulb holder for the RH to fit these style lights please, i will take a complete lamp if needs be.
  3. Kris C

    K11 SR breaking. Most parts available

    I have been asked to get rid of some of the bit's being removed from this as its becoming a stock car. Most of it is available at not very much money. Obvious bit are the engine and box, doors etc which are staying. The bumpers spoiler and tatty interior are going so just ask Some pics
  4. Kris C

    LED Dash is pants!

    I bought some white 239 Led's from flebay and they a mince, they give a faint glow at the corners of the gauge faces and i want more god damn it! How do i achieve this (stolen shamelessly from a post by Ed)
  5. Kris C

    Anyone got an old headlight broken etc?

    I need one of the plastic adjustment screws that fix the reflector to the body. Its a long black plastic screw with a ball on the end. I see no reason to buy a complete lamp for just the screw. Cheers all
  6. Kris C

    WTB: JDM Cup Holder pre-facelift

    Cans of Red Bull fying about isnt a good look no matter how i try and tbh i need that dash pod in my life. Help a man out :laugh:
  7. Kris C

    Kris C's Super S

    Hi all, i joined here to find a K11 Super-S as my daily and at the begining of the year i picked up Eliot's K11. Havent done much to it but i will be befoe JAE hopefully so i thought id start a blog to keep track of the changes. Dispite the rain got a few things done, first off poped up to...
  8. Kris C

    Who is actually going?

    Outwith who has paid through the club, who is going from here?
  9. Kris C

    The Official JAE Q&A Thread!

    Just a couple of questions i have regarding JAE (prob why its in the JAE section:blush:) 1. can i come lol? 2. If i book a place on the stand or if im allowed to be on can i pull my car out if its not ready as its states no WIP's? 3. I havent paid for an advanced ticket so does that mean i...
  10. Kris C

    Show me your K11 with dish

    I need to have some dish in my life but i have basic understanding of offset, im pretty confident i want et10's but would like to see what your running and with size, offset they are. Take it away :grinning:
  11. Kris C

    Anybody know what exhaust is on this? I know its a long shot but there is a few vids of it and i wondered if anyone knows anything about the car? Loving the sound of it and want what can is on it :p
  12. Kris C

    Post Count???

    Why does my post count in my profile not reflect my true post count?
  13. Kris C

    What doeas this mean??

    In some threads i see post with the price posted but it comes up as £166 or £164 etc etc. Whats that all about then?
  14. Kris C

    What turbos are you running?

    Im toying with the idea of putting a turbo on mine and have managed to get some info but sketchy at best when down to the nitty gritty. One question is what is the favored or best turbo to fit and what would fit the HKS manifold (if i ended up with one)
  15. Kris C

    K11 JDM Rear Lights

    As title let me know what you got :grinning:
  16. Kris C

    K11 Super S *wanted*

    Looking for one ideally in White but open to most colours and im willing to travel. Nonails and again open to age. Let me know what you have or if you know of any.
  17. Kris C

    Hi all

    I thought id say hi as im on the hunt for a K11 Super S so this is as good a place as any to start. Im from Edinburgh and work as a parts advisor at Nobles Nissan HPC and deal ith GTR's in Scotland. Im building a full drift spec S13 with a RB30 engine and have owed a couple of Skyline's. So hi...