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  1. Rally-mad-harry

    Blog: RWD CGA3 Rally Build

    Hey Guys. Still early days but looking to log my progress on here. Good place to share my head scratching and had some fantastic tips and advice on my previous build Back into the Micra game it seems. But looking to build a CGA3 to place into a RWD application. Mk2 Escort for Rallying. I have...
  2. Rally-mad-harry

    Brake and Fuel Lines- In Car

    Hello All, Just a query before I put my new engine in, going to setup the brake and fuel lines within the car, just wondering if I'm going to use nickel copper brake lines and braided fuel lines what size do I need to be using? didn't realise the is so many different sizes to choose from.
  3. Rally-mad-harry

    Compression Ratio

    Hello all you Micra men (and women) Wondering if you could help please, I have a CGA3 1348 engine block fitted with forged pistons which are 72.145mm bore, which at TDC are flush with Deck height, Bore Dia- 72.145mm Head gasket compressed at 1.2 mm Piston Stroke- 82.8mm Head gasket bore Dia-...
  4. Rally-mad-harry

    WANTED: Micra Pectel ECU

    Hello, Just a quick one does anyone have a ex challenge car Pectel ECU for sale, Or know of anyone that would like to sell one :D Please contact me on 07531 966 426 or email me [email protected] to discuss
  5. Rally-mad-harry

    BTRDA 1400 Nissan Micra Rally Build

    Hi All, Just opening up this blog to start showing my work from converting my Rally First 1.0L car into a full BTRDA 1400s class car. So far: Started to lighten the panels. boot bonnet and doors Obtained a CGA3 1348cc Auto engine (50,000 miles) C-P Motorsport Polished and Ported Head 1300...
  6. Rally-mad-harry

    Question: Big Help needed: Do they all match up??

    Hi All, Just a few questions Will a CG13DE Gearbox fit on a CGA3DE Engine? Is there any differences with a CGA3DE engine block if an auto or manual gearbox is fitted? Will the CG10DE + CG13DE cylinder Head fit the CGA3DE Block? Thankyou Harry
  7. Rally-mad-harry

    Question: In need of lighter bits...... Fibreglass, Poly-Carb etc.

    Hi All, This is my first post on this forum, and I'm quite impressed by how it's setup, I've been on the Formula 1000 forum for about 3 years now, but I'm now altering my car into a quick 1300 car, planing on using a tuned 1275 engine, already got a few bits, polished and ported head, and 1.3...