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    May be selling my micra turbo

    let me know if anyone is interested changes that have been made since i had overheating issues, ive changed the engine with a new auto engine (stronger) , installed new cross member, sills re-done and changed from t20 to t25 garrett turbo cars has around 12months mot and around 6months tax pm if...
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    GA16DE flywheel

    let me know cheers
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    Nissan Micra 1.3 turbo

    Hello people, I may decide to sell my micra turbo but first want to see how much interest there is and the offers i get. This micra has: Super s Front bumper Rear Ms bodykit bumper Rear Mid Spoiler Lowered Springs Uprated Brakes (pulsar) Strut Brace T20 turbo with turbo manifold Intercooler...
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    micra front bumper

    anyone got a black front bumper for micra k11 1994
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    micra turbo

    would anyone be interested in a micra k11 t20 turbo? for more info pm me cheers
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    Micra 1.3 not nat wiring loom

    does anyone have a full wiring loom lying around?
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    micra 1.3 non nats ecu

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    Micra turbo running lean

    hello i cant seem to sort this problem out(ihave had this problem for a very long time thats the reason ive kept it off the road but want to get it back on). Basically the car runs at around 14.7 until it warms up the longer the car stays on the leaner it gets and it reach to 21 on the afr if...
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    Micra super s front bumper

    I am after a black super s front bumper let me know if anyone has one
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    Ms bodykit front bumper and skirts (black)

    ms bodykit for sale i have the skirts and front bumper with fog lights im looking for £190 i will post pics later
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    [SOLD] sr20de fuel rail

    i need this for my micra turbo anyone got one? cheers
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    bypassing 02 sensor

    is there a way of doing this? because im using a wideband thanks
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    is this normal?

    on a cold start the car runs rich and the fuel pressure guage moves up and down until it warms up?
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    micra k11 1.3 super s

    i can drive my micra for like 20-30mins and then the car will cut off and wont start, once the car has completely cooled down it will start again mostly the next day. I have already changed the throttle body and distributor still no luck can anyone help thanks
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    Micra k11 turbo for sale

    hello i am selling my nissan micra k11 1.3 turbo t20 with intercooler if anyones interested and want more info pm me cheers £1800
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    car misfires

    My car misfires on cold starts but settles when warmed, the car also has a rough idle and when i put my foot all the way down on rev straight away the car judders really badly what could this be???
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    micra oz alloys 14inch with tyres

    14inch oz volcano deep dish alloys for sale with tyres with thread in good condition £160
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    1.3 cams

    i have a set of 1.3 cams £30 posted
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    contact details needed

    hello does anyone have davey c email address? need to contact him regarding a part i need thanks
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    would these alloys fit my car???

    Alloy spec is 15inch 4x100 et35 and bore 66 and 7j ??????????????