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  1. micra 2000

    Glove Box Light

    you could always connect into the light circuit from the heater control panel and power a light from there like your dash ligths they will always be on until your side lights are turned off.
  2. micra 2000

    ignition keys

    oh i havent let them get away with it,today i phoned them stating i am rejecting the car now due to the length of time taken (7 weeks of waiting since viewing) so i am bringing it back to them, i had a phone call back saying they would accept it back and i will get a full refund of the purchase...
  3. micra 2000

    ignition keys

    really peeded off with nissan went to get the key today from our dealer only to find that they couldn't do it today as they had computer problems so yet another 80 miles waste of time,we have only had the car since xmas 2014 and i am now looking around for another car / make as holdcroft nissan...
  4. micra 2000

    ignition keys

    at last the key is at the dealers and on the 31st we are going to have the key coded to the system it surprised me when nissan uk customer services told me they use a 3rd party to produce their keys i always thought nissan would of made their own
  5. micra 2000

    ignition keys

    hi we bought in december a micra with only one key and the nissan dealer told us that they would get a replacement key from nissan,its nearly 1 month since we bought the car but dont have a spare key yet the reason for this is that nissan have a back order on the keys which i really dont believe...
  6. micra 2000

    nissan connect

    how do you activate the nissan connect,i have been given some instructions from nissan and they say to press the setup button and go into the info menu then registration but i dont have a info button there, our model has the sd card at the lower right corner the newer models have it in the top...
  7. micra 2000

    Boot install pics

    this was an install i done 11years ago in an mgzr in the boot i had a tv tuner and amp,2 x 10disc multiplay changers in the drivers side panel a 10" sub ,under the cover on the left i had a bridged alpine amp for the sub and 1.5farad power cap the floor was still removeable to have access to...
  8. micra 2000

    Anyone fitted an HID Kit?

    this is an extract from hid regulations In summary: it is not permitted to convert an existing halogen headlamp unit for use with HID bulbs. The entire headlamp unit must be replaced with one designed and approved for use with HID bulbs and it must be installed in accordance with the rules...
  9. micra 2000

    First service & replacement key cost?

    try these
  10. micra 2000

    nissan connect sd card

    i always like to plan for the unexpected , i wanted to make a backup of the card and if it ever became corrupt i could format the sd card and then put the software back on it. that was the thinking behind it thanks for your help
  11. micra 2000

    nissan connect sd card

    hi is there an easy way to back up the sd card with the nissan nav on it i have tried to do it on my pc but it has taken 11hrs plus to do less than 3/4's of it thanks for any advice
  12. micra 2000

    ODB2 connection

    you can read the water temp through the obd2 port if you buy an elm327 bluetooth or wifi adapter you can download an app called carista from the play store free for the basic setup but you can pay for added extras,i bought it to use on my lexus for the personalisation setting so i didnt need to...
  13. micra 2000

    acenta with sat nav

    can anyone tell me if the sat nav system has a rca video in on the back of it as i would like to connect a rear view camera to it. we only collect the car on monday its a 2013 model thanks in advance
  14. micra 2000

    hello again

    just a quickie to say hello again ,its been a couple of years since i last came on here as we went to toyota but now i'm back as i've bought a 2013 micra for my partner for christmas. since the last time i was on the forum we now have a 14mth baby as well so the micra is more practical for kath...
  15. micra 2000

    help needed

    just use the solder already there to re-solder the connections (melt the solder and let it run) only add solder if you need to.
  16. micra 2000

    bye bye micra

    kaths had her 1ltr cvt micra for just over a year now and its been a great car to drive ,over the last couple of days i have decided to buy her a newer car and today i have bought one for her, another jap car its a 2009 toyota Aygo 1 ltr auto so on friday she will take ownership of it,great fuel...
  17. micra 2000

    Running Day Lights

    when you fit them they have to come on with the ignition & go off when the side lights come on or if they stay on they have to dim not sure by what % pin 30 - is ignition live pin 87a - drl's live side pin 87 - nothing connected pin 86 - live supply from side lights pin 85 - earth wire...
  18. micra 2000

    need help removing 2 bolts holding the end of the exhaust on?

    always use a hexagonal socket / spanner and not a socket / spanner with points as you get more grip turning force and it is less likely to slip and round off
  19. micra 2000

    Powersteering types --------------

    here is a site you could try
  20. micra 2000


    sr-steve may have adjusted them so they don't blind anyone but it doesn't make it right as the reflector ,lens and bulb have to be type approved to ECE 98 . to be honest I really don't see why people want hid's last week I have a courtesy car it was a 12 plate Mercedes E class sport and the...