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    Crail is on this sunday, if anyones keen for a race and a chat post on here. Weather permitting ofcourse. Mike.
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    Hey guys, need some hard suspension set up so i can fit my 13x7's so any hard shock would be good, and ideally 50-60mm springs, but i might just get them from matt
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    13 inch tyres

    Must be less than 70 profile, ideally some 175 50 13's if anyone has any cheers
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    Lockerbie to launceston on 1 tank

    Right lads, as per title, heading down to micra.jas's in the morning to pick up some goodies, anyone reckon i'll do it on one tank, im keen for a top gear realated challenge(Y) My best yet is 320 miles to a tank, but that was motorway/town combined, the challenge is 420 miles:p What you think?
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    Want that micra sticker

    Hi im looking for some micra stickers, im afetr the down and out micra one and any others that are kickin about pm me
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    SR20 Micra on Ebay

    Just thought id post this up, anyone knows who's it is? Asking a bit too much IMO,imagine the possibilities of cars you could build for 2.5 grand!?
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    Performance exhaust system wanted

    Looking for an exhaust system, with associated parts ie, de-cats, 4 branch manifolds etc waiting pm me(Y)
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    Super S Rear Bumper

    As per title, mines is cracked and need a non-cracked one, preferably in white(Y) cheers Mike
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    Help to find my old car!

    Well seeing as my days mainly consist of doing nothing at the moment i thought i would start a wee thread to find my old micra The reg is L412 KCF, its a white K11 and has a ga16de conversion I did a vehicle enquiry on the DVLA website and its now out of tax :( Does this spell the end...
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    well hello again folks, try to sign on with my old details but no such luck so yet another account, ive been sr20micramike and jdmk11mike etc etc and a few others, i used to frequent the forum quite a bit a while ago anyways, for those of you who remember i built a ga16 micra, tried to put a...