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    Key issue help!

    Daughter drove to a friends, got out of car couldn't find key? Wife went with spare key and brought it home, car won't lock with spare key its as if the original key is still in the car? Disconnected battery reconnected and still same. Disconnected again and managed to lock it with the spare...
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    K12 Power steering

    K12 1.5 Diesel key less Power steering works some times others doesn't. Did it this morning. I have tried to read the fault code (Blue Point Micro scan) but next time I turned it on it wasn't showing fault? Tested battery which is showing good, but slight recharge? Now How can I systematically...
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    Reversing camera

    Daughter wants one on her 2004 K12, so any top tips? any one done it before?
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    Ignition barrel help

    Daughter has a K12 wit the key less entry, some times she struggles to turn the ignition, you have to press the brake and jiggle the steering wheel quite a big amount is this normal? Can it be maid easier?
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    Buying a K12 help

    Our daughters just past her test and has never been a fan of Mable the Micra (K11) despite me loving it, grappling with the Cam chain, fixing the window winder etc. So she wants a K12, what do I look for ? Are they good bad? Do they really have a Reno engine? Budgets about £1500
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    Free head light

    I have a K11 head light nothing up with it its not a face lift one. Free to who can collect, I will check later to see which side it is
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    Rev counter help

    Hello Just bough a rev counter so Daughter can see whats going on whist looking for the bite on the clutch how do I...
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    Coolant flushing

    Micras got green coolant in it and its too weak, so got some blue in the shed, so whats the best way to flush the system?
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    Heater not very hot

    Its a 1.0, blowers fine but I don't think its as hot as our other cars? Doing the pollen filter tomorrow
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    Anti freeze How much?

    Its a 1.0
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    Fitting a rev counter

    Daughter could do with a rev counter as she is learning and is struggling to get to grips with the engine speed, so I thought one would help So I believe some clocks are plug and play? if so which ones? Its a 2000 1.0l Or should I just fit this...
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    LED on dash not flashing when keys are removed?

    Hows this work? I assume once the keys are out the LED will flash?
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    Spare key issue

    Car only came with one key, I have traced last owner and she is looking to see if she had a spare. So am I right in thinking its a load of money to have one cut and programmed? How about I just have two normal keys cut and secure the Nissan coded key to the lock barrel, so the new normal key...
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    Front wheel bearings andy how to guides?

    Might have to do one soon
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    Gear selection for a learner

    The Micra ( Mable) is for the kids to learn to drive in. Now whilst we can drive it no problem the gear leaver doesn't spring to the 3 / 4 position as positively as I would like to make it easier for the kids to find the gears , so can this be fixed?
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    Cup holders

    WE have a 2000 K11 Micra so I assume its a face lift? Can I fit cup holders? If so how and what vehicle to I salvage them from?
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    Wanted seats for a orangy red micra

    Ideally chap and in the north west, I dont mind valeting them
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    Looking for a set of decent seats if any one local to St.Helens has any?
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    Cam chain thingy

    85000 miles and its rattling, so can I get away with just changing the top one? if so how? How long is the total job and what other stuff would I need, besides oil?
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    Fault code reader

    Would this do for my 2000 1.0 micra, it has the little coil thingys on top of the spark plug leads