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    K11 Creaking sound from front left suspension

    Hi guys, I need a little advice from fellow Micra owners. My Y reg k11 has developed a reeaallly annoying creaking sound from the front left suspension area and I'm wondering if you can help me diagnose it :) Description: - Creaking sound from front left...
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    Problems fitting Pod airfilter to K11 1.0

    Funnily enough I was trying to fit it onto the TB, after seeing a few vids. I wasn't expecting much gain in bhp, it was more for the nicer sound. Do you guys recommend a micra-specific filter kit?
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    Problems fitting Pod airfilter to K11 1.0

    Hi guys, dim person here. I'm trying to fit a pod airfilter to my Y reg K11. It's the 1.0 model. The problems I'm having are that when I remove the old box and fit the new system, the engine really doesn't like it. Whenever you try to rev the engine, it wants to do the opposite - in other...