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    Auto box squealing

    What does it mean when your transmission makes a whining noise? . My k11 is playing up the auto box is working ok .But it is makeing a whining noise all the time i am driving any help lads!
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    dashpod wanted

    Hi desperate to buy a dashpod drinks holder before we go away next week i am willing to pay good money to get one before next week so if you got one to sell im you man pm me thanks.
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    hey fellas looking for a dash pod for K11 I know there like rocking horse to do do but dont ask dont get if you have one pm me and see if we can do a deal thank for looking.
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    wanted sr speedo for pre facelift k11

    hey newbie member still trying to find my way around the site so if any of you guys have got any SR clocks for sale give me a message.I hope to get better at this.regards sinnstarr.